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UTEPO UTP PV Serial Products in Yunnan Copper

1. Project Introduction
Yunnan Copper Science and Technology Develop Cooperation Ltd. is specialized in metal and non-metallic new materials research, development, production and sales; development of new materials, new products processing equipment, development, production, sales and installation and debugging. In order to strengthen security, Yunnan Copper Science and Technology Develop Cooperation Ltd. install the security monitoring system in office building. 16 channel video & power UTP balun UTP116PV-SV36 was used in this monitoring system. The full product suite include: one UTP116PV-SV36 transmission server and 16 UTP101PV -RM12 devices. In practical project, transmission distance up to 300m when UTP116PV-SV36 work in pair with UTP101PV-RM12.This products suite features for long transmission distance, good effect of transmission, strong anti-interference which can be used in all kinds of complex interference environment.

Compared with traditional transmission plan, using UTEPO UTP balun could greatly reduce the cost and upgrade performance. UTEPO UTP116PV-SV36 is made of high quality extended coaxial cable, male BNC coaxial connector and RJ45 standard interface and features for easy installation, superior performance, high stability and lower cost. UTEPO PV Serials of UTP video balun also widely used in short distance security monitoring system such as home monitoring and villa monitoring.


2. Project Diagram



3. Product Pictures

Mr. Xu, Manager of UTEPO Yunnan Office Demonstrating the Product


UTEPO Products


UTEPO 16 Channel Video & Power UTP Transmission Server  Installed on the Rack