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Application in Beijing Financial Street

1. Project Introduction
Located in Beijing financial street, investment square is a large commercial building feature for convenient traffic, unique design and superior position. CITIC Industrial Bank, Bank of National Investment, Guosen Securities, China Patent Agency and many other financial institutions enter this building as offices.


In order to strengthen the building safety, facilitate security management, according to the current situation of this building; the scope of CCTV monitoring is mainly the entrance hall, elevator hall, fire engine access, underground garage and street besides building. The building is divided into A and B two parts and central control room is in 1F of building B. It needs to transmit monitoring video of building A and B to central control room. Therefore, UTEPO 16 channel power video transceiver (UTP116PV-SV36) was used in this project. This product using UTP over Cat5 power for the camera as far as 300 meters, provide 12V 1A current, and at the same time video signal collected by camera will send back to central control room through UTP. That is to say, traditional video cable and power cable are replaced by one UTP, it is highly simplifying the wiring and saving the cost.


                                                           Camera in each floor

                                              Camera outside the building

                                       Camera in the street besides building

From the above pictures, we can figure out that there are many monitoring cameras in this project and it is more complex in transmission and power supply. This kind of project will cost higher and wiring more difficult.


The above picture was taken in weak current well in 5F. Top machine is UTEPO 16 channel power video transceiver (UTP116PV-SV36), bellow is Optics Fiber Extender. This design through UTEPO 16 channel power video transceiver, using UTP over Cat5 power for the camera and at the same time video signal collected by camera will send back. Using a short video cable, video signal will transmit to the far central control room in another building through Optics Fiber.


                                         Monitor screen in central control room


                                                Monitor screen in central control room

2. Application Diagram


3 Product Introductions
UTEPO 16 channel power video transceiver (UTP116PV-SV36) was used in this project. This transceiver can transfer video and power at the same time. The product adopts Cat5/5e/6 as transmission medium to transfer 16ch color or black and white PAL, NTSC, SECAM system video signal in 300m and provide 12V 1A power for camera to simplify the project. It's recommended in CCTV surveillance system, teaching system and other complicated system.

This product package including: a UTP116PV-SV36 transceiver and 16 UTP101PV-RM12 equipments. In the practical engineering, working in pair with UTP101PV-RM12, transmission distance can reach as far as 300m. The product features long distance, high quality transmission, and strong anti-interference.

Compared with traditional transmission plan, using UTEPO power video transceiver can significantly reduces costs and improve performance. Compared with other similar products, UTEPO UTP116PV-SV36 is made of high quality extend coaxial cable, standard interface design of male BNC coaxial interface and RJ45. It has the advantages of convenient installation, better performance, more stability and competitive price.



1. Receive 16 channels CCTV video and provide power supply;
2. Compatible with PAL, NTSC, SECAM;
3. Output 36V 320W power supply;
4. Distance up to 300m, providing up to 1A 12V DC for each channel;
5. Power LED, Over load Protection LED;
6. Built-in additional module for easy maintenance;
7. Built-in fan for thermal dissipation;
8. Plug and play, simple installation;
9. Super surge protection and interference rejection.







16 Channel

Transmission Distance

300m (approx 12W for each camera)


Input Power

100~240VAC 50/60Hz

Output Power


Total Power

320W (Max)

Transmission Properties and Port

Coaxial video interface

Male BNC

Compatible Video Format


Signal Transmission Band




UTP Cable Connector



Port Protection

2KV 10/700us Per IEC61000-4-5


Contact Discharge:6000V
Air Discharge:8000V
IEC61000-4-2 1995


Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


Humidity (Non-Condensation)



Dimension (L×W×H)