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UTEPO Optical Fiber Converter in Residential Area

With a total construction area of over 330000 square meters, the density of Peacock River residential area in Urumqi is only about 20%, and greening rate is almost 50%. There are over 2000 households, which is the first large modern garden residential community in the city.



In order to improve the security environment of this residential, security monitoring engineering was installed in this community. UTEPO Optical Fiber Converters of UTP116VD, UTP108VD, and UTP video baluns were used in this engineering system which meets the monitoring requirements of residential gateway, main pathways, parking area entrances and exits, the stairs and building halls.


                                                  Monitoring at the entrance of this residential area


                      UTEPO Optical Fiber Converters Arranged in Rows in the Rack


                                                            UTEPO 8-CH Optical Fiber Converters


Application Diagram



System Advantages:
1. Save Cost. Simple wiring and 1 network cable can transmit 4 channel video signals.
2. Strong Anti-interference. UTP can transmit excellent image signal since it could restrain the common-mode interference effectively, even under strong interference environment. Video to Fiber Converter has stronger Anti-interference since it transmit through fiber.

In short, solution of UTP Balun and Video to Fiber Converter well solved the problem of transmission costs within short distance. For monitoring transmission distance within 1500m, it is better to use UTP Balun, with advantages of low loss frequency, image distortion, amplitude of image attenuation and strong anti-interference. For long distance monitoring transmission, it is better to use Video to Fiber Converter + UTP Balun with the benefits of low attenuation, frequency band width, strong anti-electromagnetic interference, light weight and good security.


Advantages of Products:

1. Flexible Combination with Optical Module:

UTEPO provide optical modules of 20-100km which could flexible combination of different transmission distance optical transceiver according to the customer's demand, safe and fast!

2. Using High Quality of Optical Transceiver Movements, Stabile performance and low loss.

3. Wide Range of Working Temperature: UTEPO products can work under -40-75, and storage temperature under -40-85, service life is longer than other products.

4. Industrial Level Manufacturing: UTEPO industrial level optical transceiver is tailored for customer which pays more attention to the welding process, lighting protection and anti-interference.

5. Variety of Installation: UTEPO products support tablet and wallet structure, easy operation.

6. Perfect Services: UTEPO products have passed certifications of FCC, RoHS, etc., and have speak with English or French speaking sales, make your purchase more guaranteed and satisfied.