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UTEPO Products in Nanning City-planning Museum

Project Introduction

Nanning city planning museum is a new concept exhibition hall consists of exhibition, recreation and meeting. As the city overall image display and important platform for exchanges with foreign countries, the pavilion in the form of audio, visual, charts and model, to display the planning achievements and urban development of Nanning. City-planning museum will be a window for Nanning local residents and foreign investors.


                                                Overview of Nanning City-planning Museum



This project adopts UTEPO IT signals transmission application, using UTEPO UTP USB extender of UTP6E0101FU, to display various information of host on the touch screens of exhibition hall in order to make audience have a comprehensive understanding of Nanning. UTEPO UTP6E0101FU can reach 60m transmission distance of full speed and 300m transmission distance of low speed. 21 sets UTP6E0101FU were placed on the first floor, 36 sets on the second floor and 7 sets on the third floor which can extend the host information to the touch screens of each floors, at the mean time, it maintains the high transmission quality, without delay, and interference resistance.




                                                                  Display Effect of the Museum

                                                           Products Application in the Project


Application Diagram





UTEPO Products List in this Project:

UTP6E0101FU: 64 sets. 21 sets on the first floor; 36 sets on the second floor; 7 sets on the third floor.


Product Advantages:

This project is mainly for remote touch effect. UTEPO UTP USB extender of UTP6E0101FU is a USB signal transmission device that transfers through one cable. It’s small size, easy operation, no driver request and compatible with USB 2.0 high speed, full speed and low speed which can reach as far as 100m. The product also features strong anti-interference and ESD, widely used in system like office or industrial park.


Product Features:

Compatibility: Support USB2.0, USB1.1 full speed and low speed signal;

Transmission Distance: 60m full speed, 300m low speed;

Transmission: Medium: Cat5/5e/6 network cable;

Transmission Features: Real-time, no delay;

Protection: Lighting protection, ESD, strong anti-interference;

Installation: No driver request, easy operation;

Structure: Delicate design, stable, strong shield ability.