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Application in Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel

The Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel is strategically located in the heart of Shenzhen’s new Central Business District, between the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre and Shenzhen Civic Centre. 

Due to the large personnel flow in Sheraton hotel, especially at night, the improvement of the safety and protection system is very important. After carefully screening, Sheraton hotel finally chose EOC Ethernet Extender of UTEPO as transmission equipment to build transmission system of elevator surveillance.

Solution requirements:

1)     Ethernet signal transmission to be stable, smooth and reliable;

2)     HD IP transmission system should adapt to the complex environment of elevator shaft;

3)     Simplify engineering cabling and save cost;

4)     Equipment installation should strictly comply with instructions.

Solution features

Coax transmits HD IP

EoC Ethernet Extender can support coax cable, UTP, power line, telephone wire and other transmission mediums. In the elevator surveillance project of Sheraton hotel, it makes full use of all accompanying cables to transmit HD IP signals, thus reducing the difficulties of construction and lowering the project cost.

Adapt to the complex environment

The HD video signal will cause all sorts of problems by all kinds of interference in the elevator shaft, which is a complex environment. The EOC product of UTEPO has a strong environmental compatibility and transmits data via video transmission line, can also increase the anti-interference ability of the system.

Long transmission distance and low internet latency

The transmission distance of EoC Ethernet Extender between transmitter and receiver is up to 2 km. With network delay less than 1s and 30m surplus bandwidth in transmission over 1500m, EoC Ethernet Extender is fully competent for the transmission of streaming video of single HD IP network camera and other multimedia data stream.