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Four kinds of PoE Practical Monitoring Applications and Solutions​

Time:2018-06-14 Source:UTEPO

Nowadays PoE technology is widely used in network monitoring due to its highlights of simplify networking and reduce installation and maintenance cost. While, there are still some engineers dont quite understand how it works. Here are 4 kinds of practical monitoring applications and solutions for your reference.

UTEPO poe switch

Solution 1: PoE Switch + PoE IP Camera

PoE Switch

In this solution, users could connect the PoE switch with PoE IP camera directly through cable. But there are 4 tips for you:

1. Please check if both PoE switch and PoE IP camera are standard PoE device.
2. Please check the power consumption of the powered device, due to different standard of supplying power from PoE Switch. Eg: IEEE802.3at PoE switch could supply power to the device within 25W, while 60W PoE switch could supply power to high-power cameras.
3. Please confirm the maximum number of devices that need to be powered, and reserve the additional power for the infrared switching required.
4. Please check specification of purchased cables. It is important part of quality of the cables in the transmission. And the poor quality of the cables would lead to a serious power loss, thus, the AP or IP Camera wont get enough power to keep operation.

Solution 2: PoE Switch + Non-PoE IP Camera

PoE Splitter

In this solution, users need to use a PoE splitter to get PoE switch and IP Camera connected. The PoE splitter would separate the networked PoE signal into power and data sources.

There are two output lines of PoE splitter, one line is for power output, the other one is for network signal of data output. The general output of voltage is 5/9/12V etc., which is matching with non-PoE powered devices of different DC input standard. Meanwhile, it is compatible with IEEE802.3af/at. Users can connect the data signal line with the Ethernet port of non-PoE IP camera.

Solution 3: Non-PoE Switch + PoE IP Camera

UTEPO PoE Injector

In this solution, a PoE injector would be needed between the non-PoE switch and PoE IP camera. The function of PoE injector is to supply power to the end IP Cameras.

Solution 4: Non-PoE Switch + Non-PoE IP Camera

Ethernet Switch

In the solution, A PoE injector and a PoE splitter are both needed.

Solution 3 & 4 are suitable to the reconstruction of traditional network.

In the past two years' security exhibition, it can be seen that PoE technology is going to be more and more popular from the increasing diversity of PoE equipment displayed by large and medium sized enterprises. With the price of PoE devices falling down, PoE technology would become a mainstream security monitoring application.



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