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Smarter Energy - Anhui Photovoltaic Power Station (50MW) Secured by UTEPO Industrial Ring Network Switches

Time:2018-12-19 Source:youtepu

As a new and clean energy, photovoltaic power station has the advantages of zero pollution, zero emission, zero noise and zero radiation. It is not limited by resource distribution and geographical restrictions. It also has high energy quality and short construction cycle. Therefore, in recent years, it has been strongly supported by national policies, especially in China.

As a leading supplier of security equipment and Internet of Things transmission equipment, UTEPO has successfully participated in many typical monitoring projects in the field of industrial Internet of Things, such as gas station, hydropower station, wind power station, thermal power station and natural gas transportation company. Here is one of the solution that UTEPO provided to Anhui Photovoltaic Power Station (50MW).


The project is covering an area of more than 1200 acres, and with installed capacity of 50MW. And it mainly uses the combination of the subsidence surface resources of coal mining, general agricultural land resources in town, and the high efficiency single crystal silicon photovoltaic module, to build a 50-megawatt photovoltaic power generation project according to the technical requirements of the national "photovoltaic leader" project construction.


1. No blind video monitoring area.

It requires installing the cameras at substations and entrances to avoid entry of miscellaneous personnel and prevent devices from theft and damage.

2. High reliability

Due to the complex and full of strong electromagnetic-interference environment in power station, it highly requires a reliable video monitoring system to ensure the basic security demands. When installing the devices in outdoor, it needs to ensure that all devices could work stably without failure or interface falling off happen.

3. High requirements for bandwidth

It requires the advanced technology of high bandwidth to ensure the transmission capacity for large amount of multimedia such as data, voice and video.

4. Extendibility and upgradability

With the growth of business and the improvement of application level, the data and information flow in the network will grow exponentially, which requires the network to have a good extendibility and be continuously upgraded with the development of technology. The extendibility refers not only to the expansion of device port, but also to the extendibility of network structure, that is to say, only when the network structure is designed properly, it is easy to add new network nodes to the existing network for users.

5. Manageability

It requires a fast and reasonable management to switches, and ensures the communication quality as well as the reasonable use of network resources.

With 6KV lightning protection and 8KV electrostatic protection, UTEPO switches can effectively guarantee the stability of the on-site equipment. Featuring with high stability, high reliability, rich networking ability, good electromagnetic compatibility, and shock resistance, multiple management methods , it can meet the demand of various environmental applications.

The UTEPO solution mainly includes as below:

1. In the access layer, it uses UTEPO full gigabit industrial ring network switch, UTP7304GE, to connect to the IP cameras.

2. Through the ring networking, it aggregates data in the switches of UTP7304GE to UTP7624GS-L3.

3. Connect the UTP7624GS-LS, aggregation switch, to client, manage server or NVR etc to upload the data to control room.


1. Industrial Chip and Full Gigabit Networking Design

The UTEPO switches are equipped with industrial chip of Broadcom, it could meet the need of HD video transmission for high bandwidth & high-frequency bit stream.

2. Multiple Way of Networking

Support multiple way of networking, including star topology, tree topology and ring topology etc. Support fast ring, and the self-healing time is less than 20ms.

3. Redundancy Technology

Safety redundancy of dual power supply and dual ring network.

4. High Performance of Isolation and Protection

With 6KV surge immunity and 8KV ESD protection.

5. WEB Management

L2/L3 managed switches, support the function of port management, QoS, multicast, LACP, RSTP, static routing, RIP, OSPF & PoE control etc.

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24*Gigabit SFP slots, shared 8*10/100/1000BASE-T ports (combo), and 4*1000/10G uplink SFP slots.

L3 web management, support fast ring.

6KV surge immunity, 8KV ESD protection.


4*10/100/1000BASE-T ports + 2*Gigabit SFP ports.

L2 web management, support fast ring.

Wide operation temperature of -40℃~+75℃.

6KV surge immunity, 8KV ESD protection.



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