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China Astronaut Research and Training Center Adopts UTEPO Solution to Fight against COVID-19

Time:2020-04-27 Source:UTEPO

The China Astronaut Research and Training Center is, as one of the world’s three astronaut centers, a comprehensive research institute combined medicine and engineering in China aerospace field. It has undertaken a number of important tasks such as astronaut selection and training, medical supervision and medical support, development of large-scale ground simulation test and training equipment, etc. It has made outstanding contributions to the complete success of China's manned space program.

China Astronaut Research and Training Center

To keep the health and safety of the astronauts amid COVID-19, the center installed the UTEPO TS3080-AI face recognition access control terminal to monitor the temperature of the astronauts and staff in real time.


No one can stay alert for a potential security risk every hour of every day, and also it is easy to be infected without any protection. That’s why this terminal is critically important in terms of identifying and reacting to any incident in the fast and safe way possible. With the TS3080-AI settled in main entrance of center, the temperature information of astronauts and staffs would be reported every day to assist in the pandemic prevention and control.

Facial Recognition with Infrared Temperature Measurement
Equipped with 8’’ LCD display screen
Support effective pixels: 1920*1080 @30fps, 2D, 3D digital noise reduction technology, clean picture, small noise.
Rich Port Design
Support Ethernet port, Wiegand port, relay port
Access Control Management
Users can manage access rights offline by loading the face database to the device, and can also work with attendance management software to achieve employee attendance management and visitor access management.
Easy Installation
Support installation on wall, gate machine, and pole.
How Does It Work?