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UTEPO Smart Technology - One-key Fast Ring

Time:2018-05-31 Source:UTEPO

UTEPO Smart Technology - One-key Fast Ring

When network congestion and unexpected network outage occur in network communication and network monitoring applications, traditional Ethernet switches usually use STP, RSTP, MSTP and other protocols to build a ring network system and restore data transmission. However, the recovery time of these network protocols is long, which generally takes several seconds or even minutes.

Moreover, after connecting cables according to the network planning scheme, it needs to set up the network port through web management or CLI command for those switches, while the setup process is complex, time-consuming and requires high technical capacity of engineers.

Steps for WEB or CLI Configuration:

Step 1

Connect to the switch via a serial line and set the IP address for management.

Step 2

Log in the WEB management

Step 3

Find “Fast Ring” under “Network Redundancy”, and select “Group1” or “Group2” according to connection scheme, and save it.

Do you think the process is a little complicated? In highway monitoring, urban road monitoring, industrial control and other fields, it requests high reliability of system, high recovery rate of network and simple operation. Obviously, it is not suitable if operate as above steps.

With UTEP “One-key fast ring” equipped switch, users only need to click the “Ring” button on the panel to enable fast ring function, it automatically forms a fast ring group (Port 25 & 26) in a very short time.

UTEPO One-key Smart Switch - UTP7524GE-POE-K

Meanwhile, when the main transmission link fails, the UTEPO system would automatically change to a back-up link to keep the continuous operation. What’s more, the self healing time for failure is less than 20ms, which is faster than traditional protocols of STP & RSTP etc.

With one-key fast ring function, it effectively saves configuration time, as well as ensuring the stability. Of course, it also supports web configuration to UTEPO one-key smart switch.


Featuring with cost effective and high stability, the Fast ring technology is widely expanded to different industries and is well accepted by customers. In the industrial looped network system, it could be recovered within 20ms if any link fails.

UTEPO Industrial Looped Networking Solution

UTEPO Fast Ring Solution in Expressway

Due to the long distance, the devices are separated in expressway, using fast-ring can support up to level 50 series. It can be connected by UTP cable, can also be connected by optical fiber, very suitable for the occasion of the expressway.



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