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HD Analog CCTV Upgrade to IP

Time:2017-03-31 Source:UTEPO

1.  Background

Nowadays, many surveillance projects need to upgrade from HD/analog to IP CCTV. Traditionally, we have got to dismiss all the cable and reset the CAT cable system. On the one hand, this solution wastes a great amount of cable and causes high cost of labor. On the other hand, the indoors decoration have to be damaged if upgrade the cable system, especially at hotels and banks.

Regardless of this problem, UTEPO offers EOC Ethernet extender, under the original system of coaxial cable. We don’t need to change and reset the cable, and don’t worry about the damage to the decoration.

2.  Solution

Connect the IP cameras with UTEPO extender UTP7301EOC-IPC terminal, and link to the extender UTP7301EOC-SV terminal via coaxial cable and other cables. Then connect to Ethernet switch, which would be a complete solution.

3.  Advantages

a.  No need to reset the cable

b.  High transmission rate

c.  Long transmission distance

d.  Easy installation

e.  Compatible with other devices

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