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HD transmission solutions for Supermarket

Time:2017-03-31 Source:youtepu

1. Background

In the Supermarket and chain store, as the customers select goods in the absence of intervention, it brings risks to the security of goods. Considering the security issues of supermarket, using modern high technology to compose a full range protection system is necessary.

Utepo professional security transmission equipment, can meet the development direction of security monitoring network, intelligent and high-definition. It has high reliability, high quality, high bandwidth, manageable, and scalable features and support multiple medium and long & short distance transmission. And equipped devices with PoE technology, it can provide professional and convenient transmission service for small monitors.

2. Advantages

a. Use world's leading Marvell chipset solution to provide a stable and reliable system.

b. 2 gigabit uplink ports to meet local storage and internet access.

c. network management and PoE power management function, provide real-time monitoring for every port.

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