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Home Security Surveillance Solution

Time:2017-03-31 Source:youtepu

1. Background

Current home security surveillance solution:

a. Analog camera + DVR + Monitor

Disadvantage: Compared with IP camera, the connection of analog solution is complex. Image is not clear enough and easy to be interfered

b. IP camera + Ethernet switch + NVR + Monitor

Disadvantage: This solution need cabling both network and power cable. It is difficult in cabling and limited by power in Home Application

Regard to above two solutions, Utepo provided POE security surveillance solution

In this solution, the POE switches supply power and transfer data to devices. Support cabling the network cable without power limit at the same time. It will easier for setting cable. This solution is much more suitable for Home security surveillance.

2. Solution

Using UTEPO 8+2 POE switch, UTP3-SW08-TP120-A1, it can access to camera, infrared intrusion detectors, smoking sensor alarm and other terminal devices.

3. Advantages

a.Transmission Reliability

Support port Vlan, avoid network storm, keep network stable and reliable

b.One-key-CCTV mode support max 250 meters long transmission distance

c. Dual uplink ports suppport connection of local storage and Internet at same time

d. Excellent surge protection and anti-interference

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