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Industrial Ring Network Transmission Program

Time:2017-03-31 Source:youtepu

1. Background

Industrial ring network switch has a good electromagnetic compatibility and surge immunity capability, which adopts the technology of FPGA and CPLD dynamic reconstruction and repeat programming, with high stability and high reliability. This switch is also suitable for a variety of harsh environments and field applications due to unique expanded industrial design and technology.

2. Solution

The camera is connected to UTEPO 8-port ring network switch as the access layer, and then connects with other access switch; finally connect with collective switch by ring network connection through the optical fiber or network cable.

3. Advantages

a. industrial level, with high and low temperature adaptability from  -40 ℃ to 75 ℃. The system is stable and reliable

b. support ring network topology based on IEC62439

c. large bandwidth, high cache, to meet the need of real-time transmission of network high-definition video signal

d. support WEB management

4. Recommend Products