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Elevator IP Surveillance Transmission Solution

Time:2017-03-29 Source:weihu

1. Background

In traditional elevator surveillance, the video cable is mixed with the travelling electric cable, and it will be output from elevator equipment room and then connected with control center. The system structure is simple but elevator shaft is a more complicated environment, so there are several important problems for traditional elevator surveillance.

a. Video Signal Interference

b. construction difficulty, high costs

c. Lower video image quality

In order to solve the problem of elevator monitoring signal interference, difficulty in construction, high cost and low quality of video image, UTEPO introduced Elevator IP surveillance solution-the Ethernet extender device of UTP7301EOC-A1.

2. Solutions

Connect the IP cameras with UTEPO extender UTP7301EOC-IPC-A1 terminal, and link to the extender UTP7301EOC-SV-A1 terminal via coaxial cable and other cables. Then connect to Ethernet switch, which would be a complete solution.

3. Advantages

a.   Saving costs, shorten the project cycle

b. Support different Cable, Good Compatibility

c. Up to 1.2KM super long transmission distance

d. Excellent Anti-interference ability

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