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UTEPO Smart Technology - One-key Lock

Time:2018-05-23 Source:UTEPO

UTEPO Smart Technology -- One-key Lock

Nowadays, security is the most important part in a CCTV monitoring system. No matter if in a company networking or a monitoring networking, it will face the problem/danger of being hacked or illegally accessed by criminals. Once the system is attacked or illegally accessed, it may cause the personal privacy or confidential information leakage or destroyed, which seriously threatens the business interests and personal privacy of the enterprise. With similar cases frequently occur, it attracts the attention of all parties.

Due to the position of camera is scattered, some of switches can not be concentrate installed in computer room, while most of them are installed outdoors, such as pole, wall & electrical box etc., which is relatively remote and hard to be took charge of. Thus, it is easy to be accessed illegally through those switches, and attack the devices and servers in the networking.

In order to avoid such similar illegal access, usually, we bind the MAC address and port through ACL in switches, and only allow access to specific equipment. With the setting, if other illegal equipment is accessing, it cant be able to access the network. As the following ACL setting steps in WEB management:

Step 1, Record MAC address and Port No.

Step 2, Setting in WEB management.

Through above method, it can effectively solve the security problem, but it would be complex if there are large numbers of devices needed to be set. So are the management and distribution for the MAC address and port. Therefore, it takes a lot of time to finish the job.

To simply the configuration, UTEPO has launched her unique one-key lock smart switches.

Through hard software, users only need to click one-key lock button (LOCK) on the panel to enable the ACL function of automatically binding MAC address of IP Camera and port of switches without any WEB settings.



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