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UTEPO Smart Technology - One-key Online

Time:2018-06-05 Source:UTEPO

There is a high failure rate on the cameras in a monitoring system due to the complex operating environment, especially high on the outdoor cameras, which are often facing the harsh environment, including the low temperature about -40℃ in winter, high temperature about 40-50℃ in summer and thunderstorm frequency area.

The following problems may be occurred after the cameras are failed:

1.The video frame would be freezing, so that the user cant find the failure in time.

2.After finding the failure, it needs the technicians to get to the site to check and reboot the cameras.

3.It causes losing video frame for a long time if couldn’t solve the failure in time.

4.it causes severe network broadcast storms.

In a general way, it could re-power the device to solve the failure, while most cameras are installed in high position or inconvenient places for people to operate. And the manual operations are time-consuming and laborious as well.

Is there a simple, efficient and intelligent way to deal with a camera failure? As the trend of smart application of monitoring system becomes more and more popular, there are more expectations for the functions of automatic monitoring, automatic restart and automatic maintenance of equipment.

After repeated market research, UTEPO designed a switch with "one-key online" function. Only need to click button of “Online” in the panel, it could easily achieve the function of 24-hour online monitoring for accessing devices. Meanwhile, it would detect the “failed” cameras and reboot cameras through the innovative function of PoE. The whole process ensures the combination of automatic detection, automatic restart, without engineering maintenance and personnel to the site. What’s more, it won't wrongly reboot the other normal working devices. It greatly improves the online rate of the cameras and reduces the workload of network maintenance and labor costs.



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