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UTEPO Smart Technology - One-key CCTV

Time:2018-05-17 Source:UTEPO

UTEPO Smart Technology -- One-key CCTV

As global leading pioneering of one-key smart poe switch manufacturer, UTEPO is highly concerned by industry clients. Meanwhile, this one key smart product is interested and rocking the industry deeply. However, there would be doubts that what is the function of one key smart? And Whats its advantages? Here UTEPO figures it out one by one.

What is the one-key smart"?

One-key smart is the generic terms of one-key CCTV, one-key lock, one-key fast ring and one-key online, with which user dont need to have complex settings for the switch to achieve those web management function.

In this article, you can get well known of one of the smart -- one-key CCTV.

The function of switch is to enable the network devices communication which are connected with the switch ports. For example, connecting office PCs with internet through switch, users can send or receive information between PCs, and also can visit the internet or company management platforms of OA & ERP etc.

While, it is special in a monitoring system, There is only communication needed between IP camera and NVR or IP camera and management system. But no communication is needed between IP cameras, otherwise there will be a lot of invalid broadcast packets between IP cameras. Thus, it would take a lot of the part of switching bandwidth, especially when there are fails on some IP cameras, the large amount of packets would block switch, even screwing up the network and causing the video lost.

To solve the network blocking or network storm and ensure network stable, it is usually isolating the ports through VLAN. But there are many defects.

*First, there isnt VLAN function in regular switch. Only medium and high end network management switch or layer 3 switch support VLAN, while the cost is higher than regular.

*Secondly, to the users in medium and large scale networking, it is requested to make VLAN plan in the early stage even the devices supporting VLAN, it requests the professional network management personnel who is good at configuration and maintenance of VLAN. Obviously, the labor cost is higher and more heavy maintenance workload is required.

*In order to achieve simple management, many small and medium scale networking users reserve a large number of switch bandwidth to improve the tolerance of network storm, which not only increases the cost of equipment, but also fails to solve the problem completely.

Disable/Enable one-key CCTV

Without logging in web management system or through console command, users can easily enable the UTEPO one-key CCTV through clicking button on the panel to isolate ports of switch and reduce useless broadcast packets of bandwidth usage. When the individual switch fails, it will not affect the normal operation of the camera on other ports. It will not cause secondary failure and ensure the normal and stable operation of the system.



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