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PoE and Network Transformation Solution for Integrated Information System of the Service Hall

Time:2020-08-11 Source:UTEPO

poe technology


The service hall submitted PoE transformation requirements to current comprehensive office information system, surveillance system, WiFi coverage system, LED lighting control system, etc., with following targets.

- Optimize the system networking.

- Create a safe, efficient and comfortable office environment.

- Improve working efficiency.

- Reduce energy consumption.

- Enhance the security of network.

The main transformed subsystems are as follows

- Transformation of general LED lightings into PoE-powered intelligent LED light control subsystems

- Optimize the network transmission subsystem, strengthen the authentication process and security.

- Take the wired network as the backbone network access point to achieve full WiFi coverage.

- Transformation of an ordinary power outlet into a USB charging outlet control subsystem.

- Reconstruct the traditional surveillance system to PoE powered surveillance system.

- Deploying IoT PoE control platform for real-time monitoring and intelligent inspection of subsystem devices.

The solution is based on the basic principles of advanced, mature, open, standardized, scalable and safety, combined with industry characteristics, using network distributed architecture, integration of PoE power supply technology, wireless networking technology, intelligent PoE self-healing technology, etc., to provide customers with a comprehensive PoE covering computer network system, LED lighting control system, wireless network coverage system, security video surveillance system, etc. Information system solution. At the same time, using Utopia self-healing Internet of Things integrated management platform to achieve unified management of the network equipment.

UTEPO poe solution

Control LED lights through PoE

According to the sectors of the service hall in different functional areas, deploy PoE power supply and lighting control module to realize system with smart on/off. The system can manually or automatically sense the human position through infrared.

There is a built-in intelligent controller in each LED light, which is bundled with a unique IP address. It means that you can have real-time monitoring of the lighting conditions and fault alarms, even arrange the maintenance for them.

ieee 802.3bt, 90w poe

Enhance the security of wired network transmission

The wired network transmission of the office network, as an important part of the business development of the office, satisfies the staff's daily office, business processing, as well as the Internet service outlet for visiting users. In the planning and deployment of the office network, PoE switches and security gateways with security management functions are deployed to strengthen user management, enhance access authentication and prevent visitors from accessing the office network with a single cable.

network system

WiFi coverage

In order to meet the needs of internal staff and visiting customers for wireless Internet access, the wireless network design requires full WiFi coverage. WLAN platform is built and connected to wired network through multiple access points to form a wireless network with multiple access points as the backbone of wired network, all wireless terminals can access customer network through nearby wireless access points.

WiFi solution

An ordinary power outlet into a USB charging sockets

Deploy a number of USB charging sockets in each area of the service hall to replace ordinary power sockets into PoE powered USB charging sockets. Through the transformation, the separation of strong and weak power is realized, avoiding the safety incident of electrocution caused by the traditional strong way. At the same time, it solves customers the trouble of carrying USB chargers or using computer USB to get charged.


PoE powered surveillance system

Power the IP cameras through PoE switch to form a stable and safe surveillance system.

poe surveillance system


- Energy-saving

Through one cable to control the LED light, it saves energy up to 30%.

- Easy installation

It does not need an extra power cable, simplifies the construction, and improves the efficiency of the installation, operation, and maintenance.

- Cost-saving

Through the management platform to achieve intelligent power supply management, circuit detection, fault location visualization, etc, it saves about 50% of the cost on maintenance.

- Safe

Through retrofitting, strong and weak power systems are separated to reduce the risk of electricity consumption and safety hazards in weak power scenarios.