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The first fan-less high-power PoE switch has launched in UTEPO

Time:2017-09-15 Source:UTEPO

The current development of IoT in China, has been initially reached a certain degree of technology, industry and application base, and showing a good momentum of development.  At the same time, the combination of mobile internet and cloud computing, large data and other new generation of information technology is becoming more closely, which has officially entered the IoT 2.0 era. We forecast that the IoT market in 2020 will be more than 4 trillion RMB. As the name implies, the core of the IoT is the material connection, a variety of equipment will be widely integrated in the network through the through the intelligent perception, recognition technology, pervasive computing and other communication awareness technology. This requires a higher capability of data exchange and transmission among different devices in the network.

UTEPO TP7524GE-POE-P 350w fan-less high-power PoE Network management switch

As a service provider of industrial IoT networking solutions that is cored on video transmission, UTEPO utilize the 12 years of development accumulation,  with the core of technological innovation, and the high-quality、low-cost concept, we have a complete network video transmission solutions and the world's leading IoT transmission technology architecture.

At the same time, as the location of “IoT Joint Laboratory” that cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, UTEPO Tech has built a “Network & Power 3.0” platform that consist of self-healing IoT platform network and power integrated management, designed to provide the security IoT transmission solutions to users with more smooth, more secure, more simple and environmentally friendly. Wherein, as a 350W high-power fan-less PoE switch, UTEPO UTP7524GE-POE-P has won the national patent fan-less design, it makes the product has a more compact size, also easy for installation for the desktop, wall and bracket. At the same time, it utilize the design that has no noise, low consumption and more environmentally friendly, can be widely used in industrial and commercial places at home and abroad, especially for the place that is sensitive to the silent design, such as medical system, education system, commercial office, etc.

UTEPO UTP7524GE-POE-P 350w fan-less PoE Switch, Simulation of natural convection heat 3D version

Normal PoE Switch                                 UTEPO Fan-less PoE Switch

Normal operation noice contrast:

Normal PoE Switch VS UTEPO UTP7524GE-POE-P 350W Fan-less PoE Switch

UTEPO UTP7524GE-POE-P 350w Fan-less PoE Switch got the on-site evaluation and affirmation from Smart Security Industry Association of Shenzhen.

UTEPO UTP7524GE-POE-P Fan-less managed Switch, supports fanless high-power 350W PoE output, provides 24 downlink Gigabit PoE electrical ports, 4 uplink Gigabit ports, support IEEE 802.3 af / at power supply standards, at the same time, it also support Web 2 Layer management software and Web PoE management software.

What’s more, in addition to ultra-quiet fan-less design, UTP7524GE-POE-P high-power fan-less switch is different from the traditional switch which can not judge its operation status from the appearance., it features PoE working status indicator on its top, so that you can easily observe the current operation status and output power through the light color. Green" represents PoE output power 0% ~ 70%; "yellow" stands for: PoE output power 70% ~ 80%; and "red" stands for: PoE output power 80% ~ 100%. The administrator can adjust and optimize the network timely by observing the color of the indicator light.

It can be easily observed the current operation status and output power through the light color.



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