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What are the benefits of PoE?

Time:2017-10-09 Source:Chris

Most people may not very familiar with PoE, today we’ll introduce the benefits of PoE for you, so you can make a decision about which kind of Switch you are about to choose.

First of all, PoE allows you to use one cable for both power and data transmission, which means you don’t have to spend more money on purchasing and running cable for networking equipment.

Secondly, when you need to install new power lines, PoE make it much simpler and cheaper in installing or expanding a network.

Thirdly, you must be exhausted with so much cables in a crowded equipment room or wiring closet, while, PoE can help you get through with all of these troubles.

Finally, Using PoE lets you mount devices in places where it would be impractical to install power, such as drop ceilings.

So, after all of these introductions, have you made your decision to choose one device for you? Click PoE Switch to explore more details about it.



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