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To adapt new era and start a new journey

Time:2017-11-15 Source:Chris

As time flowing, the four seasons transmigration, in the seasonal harvest of Shenzhen UTEPO technology co., LTD, celebrated 12th anniversary of its founding. On November 10, the entire employees, shareholders and the leaders and guests from all walks of life, follow villagers and media friends got together in Huizhou Country Garden Phoenix hotel, held UTEPO 12th anniversary celebration, at the same time start its IPO plans formally. On celebration, UTEPO chairman Mr. HuaiDong Nie speeched the exciting theme - "to adapt to the new era, start a new journey", made a review of experience summing up, looking to the future in the summary, which made us touch more brilliant tomorrow of UTEPO.

The celebration had the honor to invite Shenzhen Security Industry Association, Shenzhen Fujian Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Traditional Culture Research Association, Shenzhen Fujian Nanping Chamber of Commerce, New Power Industry Alliance of more than 70 industry leaders, guests, and CPS Brand Network, Network Security Knowledge, Huaqiang Intelligent Network Media such friends come to visit the scene. They all celebrate the 12th anniversary birthday with UTEPO technology. The guests expressed their blessings for UTEPO technology and affirmed the great achievements for the past 12 years.

Special guest, Mr. Zhangshan Ye, director of the quality supervision bureau of Nanping city, Fujian province issued a congratulatory message

First of all, Mr. Huaidong Nie, chairman of the company, delivered the welcoming speech to the leaders and guests. Chairman HuaiDong Nie thanked all the leaders, entrepreneurs from all walks of life for taking time to come to participate in this celebration activity, and thanked for these have been the beloved and supporting  to UTEPO technology.

Later, chairman of Huaidong Nie recalled the hard work history of the UTEPO founding in 2005. He expressed in 12 years we have experienced  a lot of difficulties, such as the difficulties in development procedure , the joyful of success, the confusion in the forwarding, and the enlightenment after insight. UTEPO just like a child, he faltered in the wind and rain, full-fledged growing on and on.

Nowadays UTEPO has become industry leader in the field of industrial IOT network video transmission. Its independent R&D of "net electricity speed league" is industry leading technology, the products of PoE switches, professional switches for security, a security special industrial switches and other network monitor transmission application has been spread in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The market share has been increased annually. This is the result of concerted efforts by all the UTEPO members, we are in the same boat.

IPO three steps, strategic planning showed blueprint

Accumulating richly and breaking forth vastly of twelve years has produced UTEPO a leading edge in the industry. However, with the advent of IOT + security era approaching, the market competition is becoming more intense. In the new era, UTEPO faces more opportunities and challenges. Corporate positioning also needs to be constantly adjusted. In the future, UTEPO will be based on the "network speed link" technology, which will provide the industry with IOT products and the IOT products maintenance services.

Meanwhile, at the time of the 12th anniversary celebration, UTEPO  issued a short - term strategic plan for the company and formulated the strategy of three steps for IPO. In the first step, we aim to achieve the sales budget of network electric speed link products to reach about 300 million RMB in 2019. For the second step is to sell more than 500 million RMB by the end of 2020. The third step, further consolidate development foundation, then take more than 2 years to complete the IPO action, achieve the market value to 10 billions in 2025, and make the net electricity speed technology to reach international advanced level. We will provide high-end services to global intelligent terminal equipments of more than 10 million. The chairman of Huaidong Nie hope everyone will continue to work hard to achieve self growth with the development of the enterprise.

After Mr. Huaidong Nie speech, UTEPO technology CTO Huaijun Nie introduced  electricity network speed league project in detail, and the electricity network speed current major products and its future development direction. Then UTEPO director and chief financial officer Huaichun Nie published a strategic plan for short-term investment in the company, announced  the company's equity incentive policy. The general manager of UTEPO Mr. Gangjun Yu broke down the enterprise strategy from the sales target, channel construction, team building, salary system, enterprise culture, management system and so on in detail. The whole strategy has the steps, direction, the method, the key, gained the ground gas, and the beautiful blueprint is reachable.

Finally, Shenzhen Dexin Data Technology co., LTD. product director Xu Tong also introduced the scene of the guest for latest incubation of Internet big data project, view of the cloud.  Introduced Dexin Data platform in "Chinese Good Food" and "the State Pregnant and Baby Network" projects function, showed UTEPO and Dexin Data layout of the data in the field of big data and Internet.

The realization of enterprise sustainable development and strategic goals cannot be achieved without a strong team and talents building. For UTEPO strategic planning put into execution, and motivate good employees work with entrepreneurial passion, on IPO launch meeting, the chairman announced the appointment of the new 138 senior management team of UTEPO technology. He was on behalf of the board of directors awarded in the first military power flag to general manager Mr. Gangjun Yu. UTEPO director the chief financial officer of UTEPO,  Mr. Huaichun Nie authorized the new shareholders join in.

With UTEPO superior executives group walking onto the stage, facing the multi touch on behalf of high-tech blue background wall, chairman of the board director Mr. HuaiDong Nie announced the launch of IPO plans officially, thus opened the UTEPO tome to IPO and the company’s development move towards a new journey.

Wonderful dinner feast with endless happiness

After the grand ceremony of IPO initiative, the best anniversary celebration dinner was ushered in. Around 6 p.m., with a cheerful voice, four presenters step to the stage with flushing smiles and the feast dinner began. The performances of respective center, singing, dancing, solo, chorus, comedy show and zodiac fashion shows colorful programs won the applause from the audience.

The opening dance performed by youg beautiful girls "NO, NO, NO" fully demonstrated UTEPO youthful vitality. and the constellation fashion show, as Grand finale of the celebration party, with creative performance and actors cool modeling triggers the audience screaming, which brought the joy of celebration dinner atmosphere to a climax. The show also interspersed with prizes and red envelopes picking. The atmosphere was warm and laughing continuously.

Warm wishes happy birthday, future success

At the end of the show, with the piano sound of "happy birthday to you", the guests and all staff raised their glasses to celebrate the 12th birthday of UTEPO and for its future success. The leaders who failed to come to the site, the employees of UTEPO local offices, customers at home and abroad, and friends who are concerned about the development of UTEPO technology have also sent a warm blessing through videos!

On the birthday party, the leaders also awarded prizes to the winners of the first, second and third prize winners of the ‘UTEPO micro video competition’. The winning friends sang and danced, and the bright smile added a touch of glamour to the party. The party ended with a cheer and a mood of unending emotion.



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