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Hunan Zhuzhou Scenic Spot - Yandi Mausoleum

Time:2018-08-11 Source:UTEPO

With the continuous development of modern society and economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the tourist culture and education scenic area has gradually attracted people's attention and provided people with a good place for leisure and entertainment. However, there would be more concern on the safety of the tourist area.


Yandi mausoleum is the Chinese nation's founder yandi shennong's mausoleum and enjoys the reputation of "the first mausoleum of the Divine Land (a poetic name for China)".It is located in Luyuan Po, which is in 17km of the west of Yanling County, Zhuzhou. It is now the national key cultural relic protection unit, national AAAA level tourist scenic spot, national patriotic education demonstration base, the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage, Hunan top ten cultural heritage, new xiaoxiang top eight cultural sights, cross-strait exchange base and the best scenic spot in Hunan province.The Yandi mausoleum ceremony was listed as one of the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage and the most influential event of root culture in the world.


Yandi mausoleum scenic area covers 5 square kilometers. So far, it has over 20 new natural and cultural landscapes which have been restored or open, mainly include the emperor temple of Yandi mausoleum, the royal memorial park, Huangshan forest of steles, and angel mansion etc. The temple of Yandi mausoleum is divided into five parts: meridian gate, ceremonial pavilion, main shrine, tomb stele pavilion and mausoleum.

System Requirements

In the scenic area, there are large amount of tourist and vehicle, which brings great difficulty to the safety management. At present, the safety management of many cultural and educational scenic spots is mainly taken in charge by the administrative staffs. It can not be solved with the problem of insufficient stuffs and heavy workload in a short time.

To provide good environment, it is achieved of the safety in each scenic spot, scientific and effective management, 24 hours for tourist site monitoring records through a stable and reliable video surveillance system.

UTEPO Solution

In combination with video monitoring requirements of the scenic spot, the project uses the special integrated transmission solution, which mainly includes:

1. The front-end cameras are connected to the UTP7224E-L2 of the UTEPO 24-port 100M Managed Switch.

2. According to the actual project, the system aggregates the UTP7224E-L2 to UTP7524GE-MX (UTEPO 24-port Full Gigabit Modular Managed Aggregation Switch) through fiber or network cables.

3. Ensuring the stable operation of the system, it connects the UTP7524GE-MX to manager server, NVR and client.

Monitoring Room


- 1. Fiber-copper hybrid aggregation management, intelligent software control

It adopts UPEPO 24-port full Gigabit L2 managed switch with port rate control, VLAN, QoS, link management, port security, and network statistics etc.

- 2. Stable and long-distance transmission of fiber

Fiber & Copper uplink ports available for long distance transmission

- 3. Modular aggregation, meeting different transmission needs

UTEPO 24-port modular aggregation switch, freely combined with different needs

- 4. SFP port aggregation function

UTEPO SFP port aggregation switch increases system stability and unifies the management. It can insert 100M/Gigabit optical modules.

- 5. Excellent lightning protection and anti-interference

With 6KV lightning protection, 8KV ESD, it enhances system stability and greatly reduces the maintenance of the system.

Recommended Model

Full Gigabit Managed Modular Ethernet Switch

- UTP7524GE-MX

24 Ports Managed Ethernet Switch

- UTP7224E-L2



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