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Wisdom Relics and Museology: UTEPO System in Xu Bei Hong’s Memorial Hall

Time:2018-08-15 Source:UTEPO

Project Overview

The Beijing Xu Bei Hong Memorial Hall covers an area of 3,900 square meters and a building area of 4,600 square meters. More than ten thousands of audiences visit here each year.

There are many art treasures displayed in the Xu Bei Hong’s Memorial Hall, therefore, it requires a high level of security. The following requirements were presented.

Security needs

1. Basic protection function

- The system should have the function of preventing illegal intrusion, theft, robbery, destruction and other criminal acts.

2. Intelligent monitoring function

- In combination with the original video monitoring system, the intelligent video monitoring system can send an early warning and record illegal activities without any security guards unattended.

3. Partition management

- The system should classify the memorial hall into restricted areas, protected areas, and surveillance areas accordingly.


The specific solution is deployed as follows:

1. Set up warning intrusion detection for the memorial hall perimeter. When the memorial hall is closed, the warning detection would be set in key areas, such as the entrance, to avoid unacceptable behaviors.

2. Detection of the internal objects in the memorial hall, which would send real-time warnings if detect any suspicious objects.

3. The disappearance detection of objects inside the memorial hall, which would send real-time warnings if any objects lost, move, or stolen.

In order to guarantee the stable and reliable transmission of the data of subsystems such as video monitoring, access control and alarm, it uses UTEPO UTP7224E-POE-L2 (24-Port PoE switch with Fiber Uplink port) in the access layer of the system, and UTP7524GE-MX (Full Gigabit modular switch) in the aggregation layer.


1. All system uses the advanced and intelligent technology, but cost-effective.

2. Reserve enough interfaces for system expansion , which is flexible to networking.

3. Strong compatibility.

4. L2 management, support multiple management platforms, as well as the remote management

5. PoE technology, which is using special security switching chip with excellent performance of switching capability and transmission reliability.



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