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UTEPO industrial switch applied to Guangdong Meijiang Hydropower Station

Time:2018-08-21 Source:UTEPO


In the hydropower station, the video surveillance system guarantees the safety of buildings and equipment, with the feature of anti-theft and fire prevention.

Due to the wide geographical distribution and the large number of operating equipment, how can the video surveillance system effectively ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power station with fewer management personnel?


In hydropower projects, due to high temperature, humidity and electromagnetic interference, which affects image quality.

To solve this, the industrial switches are required against high-temperature protection, high humidity, anti-electromagnetic interference. This project uses UTEPO industrial switches.

1. UTEPO 4-port, 8-port industrial PoE switch. Adapt to harsh environments such as high temperature and high humidity, and can be connected to the optical port or network port;

2. The aggregation layer adopts UTEPO fiber-Ethernet hybrid full Gigabit switch, which has powerful bandwidth and can meet the large traffic transmission and storage of video surveillance.


1. Modular aggregation management, intelligent software control

It adopts UPEPO 24-port modular full Gigabit L2 managed switch with basic network management functions such as port rate control, VLAN, QoS, link management, port security, and network statistics.

2. Industrial-level access transmission, high protection, high reliability

With 6KV lightning protection, 8KV anti-static, -40 ° C ~ 75 ° C high temperature and low temperature adaptability.


At the access layer, UTP7204E-POE-A1, UTP7208E-POE-A1 and other models are used. These UPEPO industrial switches support -40 ° C ~ +75 ° C temperature, 6KV lightning protection, 8KV anti-static, industrial three-level design.

At the aggregation layer, UTEPO modular full-gigabit switch UTP7524GE-MX is used. The product can meet high code stream, long distance transmission, and has L2 network management and level 4 ESD protection to ensure the system is stable and reliable.

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- 24*gigabit fiber-copper hybrid ports+2*gigabit fiber+2*gigabit copper ports

- L2 Web management

- Level 4 ESD protection


- 8*megabit POE ports+1*gigabit fiber+1*gigabit copper port

- Industrial-level 3, -40℃~+75℃ working temperature

- 6KV Surge-immunity, 8KV ESD protection


4*megabit PoE ports+1*megabit fiber+1*megabit copper port

Industrial-level 3, -40℃~+75℃ working temperature

6KV Surge-immunity, 8KV ESD protection



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