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Shining Project of Reconstruction of Community Surveillance System

Time:2018-09-13 Source:youtepu

Shining project is the rural construction based on Integrated management informatization & grid management, which is focused on the network application of public security video monitoring. With the platform of three-level comprehensive management center of county, town and village, it extends security precautions to the public to realize "full coverage and no dead corner" of public security prevention and control.


Located in Suzhou national high-tech development zone, covering an area of 8.02 square kilometers, with a total construction area of 850,000 square meters. The registration population of Bai Ma Jian Garden is more than 9,100 people, and the external population is more than 25,000 people.

With the continuous development of economy, more and more people lived into Fengqiao community from other places. Besides, the infrastructure of the original resettlement communities was backward, and the environment of city and ecological and social of the streets were facing severe challenges. Due to the early moving time, compared with the current living requirements and living needs, there are many problems in the residential area, such as low quality building standards, imperfect supporting facilities, unsatisfactory environment, insufficient parking space, and non-standard property management, as well as many safety risks and residents' complaints to the residential area. In order to completely improve the living environment of the residents, the community security monitoring and control system was upgraded in the meantime, including video monitoring system, access control system, face recognition system and vehicle recognition system.

This project adopts the special integrated transmission scheme of security. Through the reconstruction, a new gate post has been set up to ensure the diversion of people and vehicles, and the property management has been improved. The surveillance facilities, credit card, and access control system in all corners of the community make theft impossible. Outdoor monitoring, video access control system, facial recognition system and vehicle recognition system are installed in place to protect the safety of the community, the new appearance of the community has been highly praised by the residents.



Control Center

UTEPO Solution

It mainly includes following parts:

- 1. Access layer: Use UTEPO media converters for the access of IP cameras, face recognition cameras & access control machines.

- 2. Aggregation layer: Connect media converters to UTEPO fiber aggregation managed Ethernet switches, which are to handle with data from different systems and keep their own independence.

- 3. Core layer: Data from different systems is transferred to core Ethernet switches through aggregation switches, and the core switches are connected to server or NVR etc.

Through networking, a complete comprehensive reconstruction system of the community is formed, including video monitoring system, face recognition system, access control system, access control system and other systems, which transmit the data to the street police station and public security sub-bureau through optical fiber. The data of each district system is transmitted to the sub-district police station and the sub-district public security bureau. The sub-district police station and the sub-district manage the data and conduct real-time management of each sub-district.





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