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Deeply Cultivate Overseas Security Market, Keep in Step with AI Security Trend

Time:2018-03-28 Source:UTEPO

The impact of artificial intelligence to the security industry is not just that simple, it contains different aspects, including the upgrade of product function, the implement of application scenarios and etc.. The artificial intelligence in the security industry has leaded a top-down subversive revolution, which is affected the traditional security giant, rookie enterprises, artificial intelligence and subsoil IoT transmission system security companies.

In spite of the increasing tense caused by trade war between China and USA, UTEPO, who has been working in the overseas security market for more than a decade, has seen an increase in its performance despite the general decline of similar companies. Compared with last year, the company's total performance has increased by 30% in this year.

UTEPO Global Market Networking

Seventy percent of UTEPO’s overall market strategy is rooted in overseas security market. Since last year, UTEPO had authorized several own brand agents in Europe, and help to expand the market share. In Asian & South American market, UTEPO had licenced dealers for its brand, and constantly to expand brand awareness. UTEPO has been gradually accepted by more and more countries.

‘The direct result of the US-China trade war is the devaluation of RMB, which leads to a series of problem, such as price and also the delay of payment by customers. Meanwhile, the United States continues to raise tariffs on Chinese exports, many customers are becoming extremely cautious in purchasing products, perhaps purchase from other countries because of the tariffs’. Maggie said, the sales director of UTEPO, ‘In order to comply with the trend of security industry and cope with the US-China trade war, UTEPO would go deep into the terminal experience of customers and to truly understand the key point of customer need. In this way, we can provide a better transmission solution and product to customer, and improve the brand influence in current economic status.

AI would be the dominant trend in the security industry and never ‘go out of fashion’. And it is well known as a hot topic in this industry. Nowadays, people are eager to experience the technological innovation brought by AI. Although the ‘AI + Security is still under infancy, the new business opportunities and explosive points it brings to the security industry are indisputable

For now, AI technology brings the biggest change to the security industry is highly intelligent and automatic. It accelerates the landing speed of industry 4.0. In the case of the same task or work, the labor cost will be much higher than the mechanical cost.

In addition to the cost, the human working state is susceptible to the interference of external factors such as emotion, so the error rate is high and there is no fixed trend. In the case of replacing human labor with machine, since the machine is completely mechanized, it will only be affected by the internal algorithm or calculation force, the error rate must be lower than human labor.

That is to say, in the future, AI is still the mainstream trend of the security industry, and more new scenes need to be explored. However,  we cannot deny that 5G technology, big data, cloud technology and other emerging technologies will have a lot of impact on the security industry. At the same time, Internet of things technology is also an indispensable part of the security industry. In combination with artificial intelligence, the Internet of things plays a key role in connecting data transmission.



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