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How To Avoid The Installation Difficulty Of Wireless Bridge For Elevator Monitoring (1)

Time:2019-01-10 Source:UTEPO

With the development of mature wireless monitoring, it has become the first choice of elevator monitoring applications, of which the environment is closed and complex. Wireless bridge is the transmission equipment in wireless monitoring, which is convenient to install and low cost. But in the actual elevator monitoring and installation process, there will be a lot of difficulties. Here are the solutions of solving the difficulties.

Blind approach?

There is certain danger in elevator, please do not enter the wiring construction site blindly. Please note the following two points:

1.Before installation, we need to go to the property management to ask for the wiring information of on-site elevators, monitoring, etc.

2.Contact the elevator maintenance personnel first, and external personnel must be led by the elevator maintenance personnel before entering the elevator (according to the regulations, elevator operators need to hold a special operation certificate issued by the state administration of work safety).

How to solve the power supply for bridge?

Different brands of elevators have different structures, and different configuration of car roof and car platform. The power supply on the roof of the elevator in the renovation project is likely to be occupied by cameras. Where does the bridge get its electricity?

In the survey, pay attention to whether there is row plug in the car roof, if not, another row plug is needed.

Where to install the bridge?

It needs to avoid shielding when choose the position to install the bridge, especially the metal material, which would affect the signal. The bridge is better be installed on the top rail in the elevator roof side, and on the wall in the elevator shaft side due to possible of ponding.

How to fixed the bridge?

Many manufacturers only provide cable ties or pole mounting straps. Except above mounting tools, it also needs the bracket for the installation.

How to setup for a bridge?

Configuration for wireless bridge in current market is as following:

- WEB:

a. Set the IP address for the two bridges.

b. Set the transmitter and receiver.

c. Set the channel.

- DIP-switches Bridge:

There are DIP switches on the bridge, to change the operation mode, group pairing, IP address, which needs the instruction for the success pairing.

- Digimatic Bridge:

Visual for the setting information, but it still needs to manually set the IP address and channel, and long pressing the DIP switch to pairing.

Combined with DIP switch and digimatic, UTEPO CP2-300 is equipped with one-key pairing function (one M, one S, same channel) and visual operation.



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