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PoE Power Supply Technology May be the Top Selection of Transmission for Culture Relics and Museum

Time:2019-04-27 Source:UTEPO

On April 15,2019, a fire broke out at Notre Dame cathedral, a famous landmark on the Banks of the Seine river in France. It took more than 180 years to build and has a history of more than 800 years.

Notre Dame DE Paris

Human joys and sorrows have always been interlinked. Notre Dame DE Paris is the treasure of civilization of all mankind. People are keeping eyes on the situation and the cause of the fire.

An investigation into the cause of the fire at Notre Dame is underway and no definitive conclusion has been reached, according to media reports. But investigators have revealed a number of possible causes of the fire, including a short circuit in a power line that could have caused the fire.


Here are some reports from CNN.

Paris (CNN) Paris prosecutors are investigating if an electrical short-circuit caused the fire that ripped through Notre Dame Cathedral.

A judicial source told CNN on Thursday that "we are not excluding any hypothesis at this stage," saying that this is not their only line of inquiry.

Fire has become one of the most common factors threatening the safety of cultural relics. It's not just happened on the Notre Dame cathedral, reports of fires in the artefacts have been shown often in recent years. According to the statistics of electrical fires in ancient buildings in the world, more than 20% of fire accidents are caused by electrical factors.

Chateau DE luneville

Chateau DE luneville, France

Chateau DE luneville, France, caught fire due to a short circuit in 2003.

Yuzhen Palace of Mount Wudang in China, caught fire due to improper use of electricity in 2004.

Museums in Brazil caught fire caused by electrical short circuit inside in 2018.

Electrical fires are mostly caused by factors such as excessive heat of electrical equipment, short circuit, overload, poor contact, poor heat dissipation, power leakage and improper installation and use of lighting bulbs.

As a PoE engineer who has been dealing with PoE technology and equipment all day, we feel heartbroken when seeing so many ancient buildings damaged by electrical fires. On the other hand, we feel it is necessary to vigorously promote the application of PoE power supply technology.

In order to reduce the potential electrical safety hazards, it is worth paying attention how to use the new generation of Internet of things technology to solve the potential electrical fire hazards as well as doing a good job in electricity safety protection.

As we all know, PoE technology can not only transmit network data, but also supply power to front-end devices. It has the advantages of simple installation and operation, power consumption reducing, cost saving, and can effectively eliminate the hidden dangers of power supply security. Because PoE power supply equipment will only supply power to the equipment that needs power supply, only when the equipment that needs power supply is connected, and thus there will be voltage on Ethernet cable. Through this operating theory, it eliminates the risk of power leakage on the cable, which is particularly applicable for cultural relics units.

In high-level security protection units, generally, it is deployed a large number of video monitoring, alarm, access control, all kinds of sensor equipment, as well as lamps and lanterns for lighting.

The PoE power supply technology can not only simplify the wiring, but also mix deploy the original equipment and PoE equipment on the network in a safe way. The power supply can be controlled by remote management of the network, effectively reducing fire safety risks.

The integrated transmission and power supply solution, launched by UTEPO for cultural relics and museum, integrates PoE technology and covers the application of video monitoring, burglar alarm, parking lot, one card solution, computer network and other systems, effectively realizing the safe, scientific and effective management for culture relics and museum.

UTEPO, PoE switch

If the cause of the Notre Dame fire is determined to have been caused by a short circuit, then it is particularly necessary to promote the use of PoE safe power supply technology in the cultural relics unit.

In addition to ensuring the basic safety of cultural relics, how to improve the level of intelligence and information management of cultural relics units is also an important issue.

At present, PoE technology is mainly used to supply power for front-end camera, access control, alarm, IP phone, intelligent detector and other equipment. With the further development of the Internet of things technology, it could achieve supplying power and data transmission through PoE technology for more types of terminals in the future, such as for lighting.

According to the IEEE 802.3 standard, issued in 2003 and updated in 2009, PoE technology can provide DC power for LED lights. When powered by PoE, each LED light can be a standard RJ45 connector with a searchable IP address. Moreover, by adding sensors to the LED lamp, it can be converted from a simple lighting device into an intelligent LED concentrator, so that each intelligent LED concentrator can collect information about ambient light, temperature, humidity and so on.

PoE technology, UTEPO

Intelligent LED Lighting System Integrated with Sensor and PoE Technology

Using LED lighting systems with integrated sensors, intelligent network concentrators can provide useful data and effectively improve energy efficiency and operational efficiency. This is a very practical, safe, environmentally friendly and intelligent lighting solution for the museum.