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UTEPO Face Recognition Access Control Guards Wuyi University

Time:2020-04-21 Source:UTEPO

With the epidemics get control in China, the resumption of classes around the time has been released, the long silence of the campus is gradually back to life. In order to strengthen the campus prevention measures against COVID-19, to ensure the health and safety of numerous students, the primary and secondary schools, universities and other institutions have deployed epidemics prevention equipment - smart temperature measuring equipment.

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Wuyi University (WYU), located in Wuyishan, an international tourism city which is the world natural and cultural heritage site, is a public university approved by the Ministry of Education of the People's republic of China. Covering an area of 2 billion square meters, WYU enjoys a beautiful scenery. It has 433.1 thousand square meters building area, 118 million Yuan equipment, 1.2066 million copies of book collections, 780.4 thousand pieces of E-books, 14,000 full-time students and more than 1000 teaching staff.

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Considering that the library is a relatively closed place with concentrated staff, the university has deployed two sets of UTEPO smart face recognition access control terminal (TS3080-AI) at the entrance and exit of library, for the purpose of temperature screening and staff access management.“This terminal can effectively avoid the cross-infection caused by the crowd gathering at the gate”, the secretary general of WYU said, “For students and staff, their information will be registered in our system and access control permissions will be assigned accordingly. At the same time, the machine records their body temp when they get through, which guarantees the safety of students and stuffs.”

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Key Feature

Facial Recognition with Infrared Temperature Measurement
Equipped with 8’’ LCD display screen
Support effective pixels: 1920*1080 @30fps, 2D, 3D digital noise reduction technology, clean picture, small noise.
Rich Port Design
Support Ethernet port, Wiegand port, relay port
Access Control Management
Users can manage access rights offline by loading the face database to the device, and can also work with attendance management software to achieve employee attendance management and visitor access management.
Easy Installation
Support installation on wall, gate machine, and pole.
How Does It Work?