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UTEPO Products Were Applied in the Yunnan Intelligent Traffic E-police System

Time:2020-12-10 Source:UTEPO

The Yunnan Intelligent Transportation Project is the city's traffic organization and management optimization and upgrading project, which is a reconstruction project of the original traffic management system and the eventual realization of an intelligent transportation system through the transition from simulation to digital system. The project plans to optimize and upgrade 35 road intersections and one traffic control center, with a total estimated project investment of about RMB 37 million.


The content of this project mainly includes traffic signs, system components, signal control system, E-police monitoring system, etc. The system is composed of a command and control integrated platform and basic application system.

According to the provisions of GAT445-2010 Technical Specification for the Construction of Public Security Traffic Command System, the intelligent traffic system should be a comprehensive application system with the ability to collect, process and make decisions on traffic management data and the ability to organize, coordinate and command by the organic combination of multiple systems such as the command and dispatch integration platform and basic application system, of which the system integration platform is the core of the intelligent traffic management system and system construction.

The main construction systems of the project are: traffic signal control system, traffic snapshot monitoring system, high-definition E-police system.

UTEPO, smart system

1. Traffic signal control system

Traffic signal control system is the basic application of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) in traffic management work, and is also the most direct and basic application system of urban intelligent traffic control system, which plays an important role in urban road traffic management work. The construction of traffic signal control system can make good use of regional traffic coordination and control strategy to improve the overall traffic efficiency of the road network. The traffic signal control system is composed of four major parts: traffic command center operation terminal system, server communication system, database system and intersection signal machine system.

2. Traffic snapshot monitoring system

The traffic snapshot monitoring system is an important part of the new generation of urban intelligent transportation system, which automatically identifies the illegal vehicle license plate number to generate and store illegal data and upload it to the central management system. It mainly consists of front-end subsystem, network subsystem and central subsystem.

3. High-definition E-police system

The E-police system is an automatic evidence collection system for all kinds of illegal activities on the road, which can effectively control the occurrence of these hidden dangers and greatly improve the level of scientific management of urban traffic through real records of illegal vehicles and implementation of penalties. It mainly consists of three major subsystems: front-end subsystem, network subsystem and central subsystem.


1. Scenario analysis

This project mainly reconstructs 35 road intersections and one traffic control center, which is a typical intersection intelligent traffic solution scenario.

UTEPO, transportation

UTEPO, poe switch

2. Network topology

(1) It adopts the industrial ring network technology for accessing in the front end of the E-police, and the front end connects to the control center through the aggregation switch in the Elv box at the roadside. In the access layer, the switch is recommended to use the industrial ring network PoE switch, which meets the requirements of industrial scenes.

(2) Traffic signal control system accesses the control center through the aggregation switch in the Elv box at the roadside, the aggregation switch should have both Gigabit fiber ports and Gigabit RJ45 ports, which are used to access the video collection and signal light control respectively.

3) The control center is equipped with the core switch, which is not only connected to the aggregation switch, but also to storage devices, network security devices, database servers, analysis servers, application servers and so on. Considering the performance of the core switch, a full 10 Gigabit core switch should be selected.

UTEPO, industrial poe switch

The communication network formed by UTEPO switches covers all the systems and control center. The UTP7308GE-POE (8 Ports Industrial Full Gigabit PoE Managed Switch) is installed in the access layer of the system to collect video and data, which are transmitted to the control center through the UTP7624GS-L3. The UTP7308GE-POE is specially designed to reliably work in harsh industrial environment with the operating temperature between the range of -40℃ to 75℃, IP40, aluminum fanless housing for high efficient heat dissipation and dustproof, industrial level 4 EMC design, and redundant power design, which highly enhance the robustness of the network in the traffic.

UTEPO, solution



Full Gigabit SFP/RJ45 ports

Design with Gigabit PoE RJ45 ports and Gigabit Uplink SFP ports.

L2/L3 Management

Support management function including port management, QVLAN, QoS, LACP, RSTP, static routing, OSPF, etc.


Support fast ring with self-healing time in 20ms.

Excellent Performance of Protection and Anti-interference

Support 6kV surge protection and 8kV ESD protection, ensuring the stable operation.


l3 managed switch


● 24*GF + 8*GE(Combo)+ 4*10GF

● L3 management

● Redundant power supply

● 6kV surge immunity

8 ports industrial poe switch


● 8*GE PoE + 4*GF

● IEEE 802.3af/at/ 60W

● L2 management

● One-key CCTV/RING/LOCK/ PoE Watchdog (ONLINE)

● -40℃~+75℃ operating temperature

● 6kV surge immunity

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