UTEPO Switches Secure The Underground Pipeline Corridor  
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UTEPO Switches Secure The Underground Pipeline Corridor in Guangxi Province

Time:2021-04-20 Source:UTEPO


XX city urban integrated pipeline corridor of Guangxi province is a typical project, which contains several major pipelines such as electric power, communication, gas, etc. It is the lifeline of the city and has very high safety requirements. Due to its special environment, it is unrealistic to rely on manual inspection alone to eliminate safety hazards, and advanced automatic monitoring and surveillance system needs to be introduced to assist in analysis and decision making to eliminate safety hazards.

The environment of integrated pipeline corridor is harsh, in the choice of front-end communication equipment also need to choose safe, stable and reliable industrial-grade equipment. Based on the industry network application requirements and pain points, UTEPO provided advanced product solutions for the city's comprehensive pipeline corridor construction.

poe switch


● The access and aggregation layers are networked in ring mode, with high network reliability.

● Support fast ring (private protocol) & ERPS (public protocol) with self-healing time in 20ms, can be compatible with the ring network of other brand switches. When the main link is broken, the backup link begins to work.

● High bandwidth and large-capacity cache ensure fast-forwarding of video services.

● High-performance industrial switches for both aggregation and access layers, with industrial durability (-40℃~75℃ wide temperature range, 6kV surge protection) to withstand severe outdoor conditions.

● Intelligent surveillance experience, support relay alarm for power failure, cable link down, and PoE link off.

● Support centralized management with abundant L2/L3 management function.

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