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UTEPO bt PoE Transmission Solution for Smart Buildings

Time:2021-03-18 Source:UTEPO


Commercial buildings, as representatives of smart buildings, realize the wisdom, safety, and energy-saving of buildings by deploying a large number of advanced information systems, security systems, smart lighting systems, etc. And with more and more intelligent devices in buildings, the management of power supply and equipment becomes the key to enhance the operational efficiency of smart buildings. With the popularity of IoT technology, Power over Ethernet (PoE) has become a practical technology for providing power and data transmission to multiple devices and is widely used in commercial buildings. The benefits of deploying PoE are the ability to reduce installation and maintenance costs while providing high efficiency and energy savings.

----- Why does the commercial building need bt PoE? -----

There are a large number of information systems and IP devices in commercial buildings, such as, LED lighting systems, network systems (APs, routers, PCs), security systems (access control, IP cameras, PTZ cameras), sensors, etc. Unfortunately, the PoE standard like IEEE 802.3at is only applicable to low-power devices with up to 30W of power through Ethernet, which limits the power available for smart networks and devices, while the IEEE 802.3bt PoE devices are needed to drive them with power up to 60/90W.

What's more, the IEEE 802.3bt standard is backward compatible with the IEEE 802.3af/at standard, which can support a wide range of devices and applications. With the increase in power and transmission capacity, coupled with cost effectiveness, flexibility and scalability, PoE has evolved into a highly competitive solution for the enterprise and commercial sectors.

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