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Advantages of Video to Fiber Converter + UTP Balun

Time:2017-03-31 Source:youtepu

In traditional analog surveillance transmission system, there are three kinds of solutions: transmission by Coaxial Cable; transmission by Video to Fiber Converter and transmission by Video to Fiber Converter + UTP balun. Let’s make analysis between three solutions:

Shortcomings of transmission only use Coaxial cable:

1. Coaxial cable is usually affected by climate change, and image will be influenced;

2. It is a little bit too thick for coaxial cable, inconvenient for wiring;

3. Coaxial cable usually transmit video signal. It needs to extra wiring if data, audio transmission are required.

4. Coaxial cable is lack of anti-interference ability;

5. Coaxial amplifier has the shortcomings of adjustment difficulties.

Shortcomings of transmission only use Video to Fiber Converter: For each camera, one single channel Video to Fiber Converter was needed and transmission to Video to Fiber Receiver through a Convergent Video to Fiber Converter. This not only increases the construction cost, but also complex to fabricate the optical head, maintenance cost higher as well.

Compared with traditional transmission solution of Coaxial cable or Video to Fiber Converter, the advantages of Video to Fiber Converter + UTP Balun are as following:

1. Save Cost. Simple wiring and 1 network cable can transmit 4 channel video signals.

2. Strong Anti-interference. UTP can transmit excellent image signal since it could restrain the common-mode interference effectively, even under strong interference environment. Video to Fiber Converter has stronger Anti-interference since it transmit through fiber.

In short, solution of UTP Balun and Video to Fiber Converter well solved the problem of transmission costs within short distance. For monitoring transmission distance within 1500m, it is better to use UTP Balun, with advantages of low loss frequency, image distortion, amplitude of image attenuation and strong anti-interference. For long distance monitoring transmission, it is better to use Video to Fiber Converter + UTP Balun with the benefits of low attenuation, frequency band width, strong anti-electromagnetic interference, light weight and good security.



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