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How to Close Port PoE Function?

Time:2017-04-01 Source:youtepu

1. Log in the administration interface as below:

Step 1:Physical connection:

Please double check if connecting to the correct port (Note: uplink port and downlink ports all are OK, include the optical-fiber port. But console port is not able).

Step 2: Please make sure your computer IP is under the same subnet network with the switch.

For example: If the switch IP is, subnet mask:, then the computer IP should be (X is from 1 to 254, apart from 200 to avoid IP inflict).

Step 3:  Open the IE internet explorer on your computer, delete whatever in the address bar and type in, then press Enter.

Step4: Type the username and password in the login page. The default username and password both are admin, press OK.

2. After you login, at the upper corner of the interface, you can configure PoE settings as below:

If Port status of all ports is close as below:

3. Please highlight the box at the front of port as below. For example, if you want to connect NVR to port 1, please highlight port1.Then click ON, lastly click Refresh.

You can see the status now is Close which means the PoE function disable now.

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