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 Power,Video and Data 3 in 1 Surge Protector

Power,Video and Data 3 in 1 Surge Protector

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The product is a video, control signal and power surge protector device designed according to the standard of GB/T18802.21-2004/IEC61643-21:200. The device features multi-level protection, high capacity for through-flow, low limiting voltage, quick reaction time, less insertion loss. It adapts to over voltage protection for security video signal and power, protecting the device from the damage of induced over voltage, switching over voltage and static discharge. It’s widely used in security monitoring system, environment monitoring system.

Standard: GB/T18802.21-2004/IEC61643-21:2000;

Protection: Baseband composite video signal(Bandwidth more than 10MHz)、12~24 AC DC power;

Features: Multifunction multilevel overvoltage protection, large max discharge current, low limiting voltage, quick reacting time, low insertion loss;

Grounding Mode: Extension Line to ground;

Design: Clear Logo, recognizable, aluminum shell, delicate size, easy installation;



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