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UTEPO at 2017 CPSE

Time:2017-11-03 Source:Chris

On the morning of Oct. 29th , the 16th CPSE, the world's largest security exhibition, had a grand opening ceremony at Shenzhen convention and exhibition center. More than 1,100 companies from 53 countries participated in the big event.

As the Internet security connection platform and video transmission solution provider, Shenzhen UTEPO technology co., LTD advocating "makes IOT security connection simpler" as the theme. With the first self-healing type IOT cloud platform in the industry and "electricity network speed league 3.0" full series Ethernet switches, Ethernet extend equipments of total more than 70 kinds products made an appearance.

(Booth no. 9, 9D02).

UTEPO technology has been focused on video transmission development technology for 12 years, whose switch products are applied to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. For the annual security industry event, UTEPO technology exhibition team embattled for CPSE, with full enthusiasm and professional interpretation of the demo, show the audience UTEPO "Internet + security" product form and connotation. Also with most innovative products and professional services, fully demonstrated UTEPO brand charm and technology R&D strength.


UTEPO Booth.

The three "black tech" shining debut on the stage, and received the audience rave reviews

At CPSE, UTEPO shows based on the technology of "net electric speed league 3.0" security special PoE switches, 10 Gigabit uplink net management POE switches of more than 70 kinds of products. And mainly showed the major three new ‘black technology’  products. Also showed the first fan-less high-power PoE switches in the industry, originally innovated ‘one key intelligence’ POE switches, pioneering self-healing type IOT cloud platform.

With the leading design concept and excellent performance, these products have gained high attention and recognition from the exhibition audience and industry media, which became the star products of CPSE site. In the future, the three big black technologies will be applied on more UTEPO products.

Highlight No.1:  the industry's first fan-less power PoE switch - UTP7524GE-POE-P

UTEPO fan-less high-power PoE network management switch UTP7524GE-PoE-P adopt  unique fan-less design patent technology in the industry, products have a noiseless operation under normal situation. It eliminates the dust damage to the internal structure of the machine, makes the product more quiet and stable.

UTEPO fanless PoE Switch won widely concerned

UTEPO fanless PoE Switch won widely concerned

Highlight No.2: originally innovated ‘one-key intelligence’ PoE switch UTP7524ge-POE-K

UTEPO ‘one-key intelligence’ smart switch product UTP7524GE-POE-K picked up ‘one key CCTV’, ‘one key lock’, ‘one key ring’ these four UTEPO patent technologies. With these four ‘one-key-intelligence’ keys, users just press switches on the rear panel of "smart" button to complete the corresponding settings, which can deploy the related setting instantly for one key touch. It largely reduced substantial network engineering code setting and realized remote monitoring, alarm reminding, on-off control functions etc. Since then the basic network equipment maintenance for downtime could go without artificial maintenance

One-key smart PoE Switch is well recieved

One-key smart PoE Switch is well recieved

Highlight No.3: the first self-healing IOT cloud platform

UTEPO self-healing platform picked up with self-healing patent technology, it can make 24 hours real-time monitoring equipment running status, once detects the offline equipment, it will immediately restart automatically and gets resurrection offline equipment. This will greatly increase the equipment online rate, also can output various log and alarm, guarantees the stability and reliability of system operation.

UTEPO self-healing IoT cloud platform

UTEPO self-healing IoT cloud platform

New technology, new scheme, the ‘IOT + security’ products of the company is popular

UTEPO firmly grasp temporary  ‘IOT + security’ industry trend. Considered from the application system convenience, smart, simplification, UTEPO introduced solutions including front-end detection, intermediate transmission access, back-end management and so on series of ‘IOT + security’ products and solutions.

UTEPO IoT industry solutions

UTEPO IoT industry solutions

Chairman and CTO of UTEPO receiving customer

Chairman and CTO of UTEPO receiving customer

Reporter interviewing the manager of UTEPO

Reporter is interviewing the manager of UTEPO

The launched series of innovative products showed that UTEPO exploration in the field of ‘IOT + security’ is not only stay in concept phase, but has carried out the overall strategic  layout. It really promoted clients’ working efficiency from the perspective of system application, through technical innovation to help users solve the IOT security transfer the various problems in the application and management.

Visitors crowded to the exhibition booth, the overseas customers are in an endless stream

UTEPO has always been adhered on the development concept of "net electric speed couplet and zero tolerance of quality problems", with leading technology and good quality of products won both domestic and abroad customers in favor of the products. On the first day of the exhibition, UTEPO booth attracted a large number of visitors from all over the world. The scene was full of visitors, and the popularity of the exhibition showcased the charm of the value of UTEPO brand.


For the CPSE, UTEPO attracted overseas audiences and customers from around the world, sent a wave of sales activities by its salespeople. This has been helped by the fact that the company has been cultivating overseas markets for years, and many of visiting customers have come for its good reputation.

The grand gifst are on, the grand prize won't stop

In order to thank for new and old customers’ approbation and attention for UTEPO product , in the process of expo, the company held a lucky draw activity by scanning the visitors’ Qr code. You can participate in the online lottery according to the operating  introduction prompt. UTEPO has prepared PoE detectors, switches and other major gifts. The spot gift exchange at booth 9, 9D02, which the winning rate is 100%, and you will be paid a great prize waiting for your coming!



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