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UTEPO Technology to Motivate New Changes in Security Transmission

Time:2018-11-28 Source:UTEPO

In recent years, artificial intelligence has brought giant changes to different industries, absolutely including the security industry, of which the reform changes range from technology innovation to application expansion. Of course, it requires the cooperation and support of numerous links of the industry to the progress made by AI.

As the core field of security, video monitoring system not only has the front-end intelligent equipment and the back-end big data processing platform, but also needs the technical support of the transmission system. There is no doubt that the switches do play a key role in the network era.

Tide Nie, CTO of UTEPO, said, “The more rapid development of AI is, the greater the demand for data volume is. And the requirements for the network transmission environment would be more strict. As a result, the requirement for the switches, which play a vital role in the stable and smooth communication of network equipment, would be higher.”

Based on demand of current industry development and extension and following the trend of ‘AI + Security’, UTEPO launched the AI security solution for enterprises HD monitoring system, comprehensively combined with the security features. There are security exclusive switches and series P switches in this solution, which can both meet the demand of security transmission of different scale enterprise users as well as fully meet the data transmission demand under AI intelligence trend.

Introduced by Tide, the security exclusive switches ranges from 100M/1000M, managed/ unmanaged to modular type switches etc. And the switches are featuring with large buffer memory, 6KV surge immunity, 8KV ESD immunity, one-key smart and could meet different security transmission needs from different scale enterprise users.

In 2008, UTEPO has launched the cost effective Series P switches, aiming to get the PoE application popular in different industries. The whole series is including 5/8 ports anti-surge switches, 24V passive PoE switches, and standard PoE switches. Except for the features of 6KV surge immunity, 8KV immunity & one smart, the Series P switches are equipped with hardware three-way DIP switch.

Nowadays, the public security is more and more important in the society, and it is necessary to build a complete security system. As the technical guarantee of ubiquitous interconnection, it can fully meet the urgent warning and perception of security through IoT technology. As an integral part of basic information technology, the IoT can not only realize the connection between things and things, things and people, as well as all objects and the network to facilitate identification, management and control, but also make real-time perception and interconnection of security requirements a reality.

With comprehensive strategic layout and consideration to convenient, intelligent and simple application system, UTEPO firmly grasps the ‘IoT + security’ industry development trend and has launched the cutting edge ‘IoT + Security’ product and solution, including front-end detection, intermediate transmission access, back-end management etc, aiming to help users solve the various problems in IoT security transmission and management, and improve the working efficiency of the user.

One of UTEPO IoT solution is formed by IoT cloud platform, IoT transmission devices and IoT operation system. The solution is the combination of advanced technologies of self-healing IoT, one-key smart, fast ring, PoE cloud management, fanless power supply, LoRa/NB - IoT low power transmission and UTEPO intellectual shared operation technical package, accelerating the IoT application process in smart security, smart agriculture and smart traffic etc with confidence.

Wireless transmission is supposed to be the ideal choice for the long-distance transmission solution with the era of 5G coming. It doesn’t need the complicated wiring, saves the cost both on labour and materials, and reduces construction difficulty. As above features, it is becoming more and more popular in different industries.

Therefore, UTEPO has launched wireless solutions including smart 2.4G 300M elevator exclusive CPE & 5.8G 300M outdoor CPE to cover this part, providing industrial protection, more stable transmission, stronger anti-jamming capability and other user-friendly function, such as one-key pairing, visible setup for channels, cloud management etc. The max transmission distance for outdoor could be reach to 20km.

Transmission absolutely is an indispensable part no matter in AI era or wireless 5G era. Entrenched in IoT and Security transmission industry, UTEPO would follow the technological changes of times and provide innovative product and solution. Striving to bring added value for customers worldwide, UTEPO is looking forward to showcase significant value of her existed technologies and to open the door to new cooperation.



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