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Congratulates! The UTEPO Co-authored National Standard SQuaRE is Released.

Time:2019-01-16 Source:UTEPO

SHENZHEN, China/ December 29, 2018, Part 2 “Plan and Management” in national standard of the SQuaRE (Systems and software engineering, Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation) was released by National Public Service Platform for Standards Information, of which UTEPO participated in the writing.


The Part 2 “Plan and Management” of SQuaR shall be centrally reported and implemented by the TC28 (China National Information Technology Standardization Network), of which the competent authority is National Standardization Administration.

The main drafting units of the standard are including Shenzhen UTEPO Tech Co Ltd, Foshan Comwin Photoelectric, China Electronics Standardization Institute, Southwest University, National Application Software Testing Labs, Northeastern University, Xiamen University of Technology, China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, Shanghai Pudong Software Technologies Service Co Ltd, Shanghai Software Testing Center & Guangdong Science & Technology Infrastructure Center etc.

UTEPO President Nie Huaidong and UTEPO CTO Nie Hauijun participated in the drafting of the standard.

In 2018, UTEPO's efforts at standardization come to an end. In November, the white paper on Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology and application co-authored by UTEPO was released, which shows the technical strength of UTEPO in the field of PoE technology.

Establishment of standard not only promote the development of the whole industry and leave valuable technological wealth for reference, but also further promote the technological strength and innovation ability of enterprises.

All the time, UTEPO pays close attention to the trend of product technical standards and actively participates in the work of specifying various industry standards. For example, the compilation of specifications for the construction of safety supervision and control center, technical standards for twisted pair audio-visual transmitter, and white paper on the technology and application of Power over Ethernet (PoE).

In the future, UTEPO would give full play to its technical advantages in network communication, transmission software and hardware products in security industry and Internet of things, and make greater contributions to the standardization construction of the country and the industry.



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