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Internet Symposium on China's Agricultural Product Circulation Industry Was Held in UTEPO

Time:2019-05-07 Source:UTEPO

With the rapid development of Internet of things and big data technology nowadays, how to develop traditional industries with the help of Internet technology has become a topic closely concerned by various industries and internet-related enterprises.

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On April 17, Yu Peishun, President of CHINA FARM PRODUCE BROKERS ASSOCIATION (CFPBA) and along with experts visited the headquarters of UTEPO and held an Internet symposium on China's agricultural product circulation industry. The experts discussed smart agriculture and the application trend of agricultural Internet of things technology, and shared the experience of agricultural products operation.

Mr. Leo Nie, CEO of UTEPO warmly received the experts. Mr. Leo Nie introduced the development history of UTEPO, the strategic layout of agricultural IoT and smart agriculture, and the main achievements UTEPO made so far. 

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At the meeting, UTEPO CTO, Tide Nie, introduced the relevant products and businesses of UTEPO for agricultural IoT in detail. At present, the main business related to the agricultural IoT industry are as follows:  

1.Online brand display marketing and product quality traceability system for brand upgrading of small and medium sized enterprises based on Cloud Show platform.

2.UDB (Your Data Bank) e-commerce business based on the Cloud Show platform.

3.Agricultural IoT transmission products and solutions based on UTEPO featured technology.

4.Smart equipment closely related to smart agriculture and agricultural informatization.

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The Cloud Show is the mobile APP, developed by UTEPO’s Subsidiary UDB, that mainly includes production management system, brand traceability system and corporate image display. It can trace agricultural breeding, planting and production process through this APP to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, and win the trust of consumer. At the same time, this system is of great help to display the brand image of agricultural enterprises, help enterprises to realize online marketing, shorten the distance between agricultural product producers and users, solve the agricultural product sales channel, and improve marketing efficiency.



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