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UTEPO Secures China Institute of Atomic Energy

Time:2019-07-10 Source:UTEPO


China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE), originating from The Institute of Modern Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was founded in 1950. CIAE is the cradle of nuclear science and technology in China, and also a comprehensive R&D base which is in a leading, fundamental and forward looking position in nuclear field.

poe switch

The comprehensive building of science and technology is located in the new town of Fangshan district, Beijing, with a total construction area of 23,280 square meters, including 18,948.6 square meters of total seven floors up ground and 4331.4 square meters of one floor under ground. It is required to deploy the security system, including the monitoring system for internal floors, the outside of the building, and the in-out control system.


China Institute of Atomic Energy is an important scientific research department, with the number of national, minister-appointed research centers or key laboratories up to 7.

poe switch

This project is aiming to achieve safe, scientific and effective management of all important departments and entrances through the use of stable and reliable video monitoring system. The entrance and exit of the building shall be monitored 24 hours a day and the record of personnel entering and leaving to strengthen the on-site supervision and safety management and provide a strong guarantee for the safety work of the area.

1. There is no “blind spot” in video monitoring area

Cameras must be placed at the main monitoring points.

2. Reliability

It is necessary to ensure that the equipment can work stably and normally, and there will be no issues happened, such as equipment failure or port falling off.

3.High bandwidth

Adopt the advanced technology with high bandwidth to meet the transmission requirement of large amount of data and multimedia, but also consider the future development.

4.Scalability and upgradability

With the growth of the business and the improvement of the application, the data and information flow in the network will grow exponentially, which requires a good scalability network and can be upgraded with the development of technology. (Extensibility not only refers to the extension of device port, but also refers to the extensibility of network structure)


It requests to keep a reasonable use of network resources and ensure the quality of transmission.

UTEPO Solution

The transmission system consists of 15 pcs of UTEPO switches and 17pcs of network accessories, among the switches, they are including 24 ports Gigabit modular aggregation switch (1pc), 8 port industrial poe switch and 24 ports poe switch (Total 14 pcs).

poe switch, UTEPO

1.Deploy UTP7208E-POE-A1 (UTEPO 8 ports industrial PoE switch) and UTP7224E-POE-L2 (24 ports PoE switch) in access layer for access of cameras. Supplying both data and power transmission at the same time.

2.Connect UTP7208E-POE-A1 & UTP7224E-POE-L2 to UTP7524GE-MX (24 ports Gigabit modular aggregation switch) through fiber or network cable.

3.Data from different access switch is transferred to server or manage system through aggregation switches.

24 ports switch


1. Fiber-copper hybrid aggregation management, intelligent software control

It adopts UPEPO 24-port full Gigabit L2 managed switch with port rate control, VLAN, QoS, link management, port security, and network statistics etc.

2. Stable and long-distance transmission of fiber

Fiber & Copper uplink ports available for long distance transmission.

3. Modular aggregation, meeting different transmission needs

UTEPO 24-port modular aggregation switch, freely combined with different needs.

4. Industrial performance

Wide operation temperature ranges from -40℃ to 75℃.

5. Excellent lightning protection and anti-interference

With 6KV lightning protection, 8KV ESD, it enhances system stability and greatly reduces the maintenance of the system.

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