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Fuqiang Primary School is Convoyed by UTEPO Solution

Time:2020-05-13 Source:UTEPO

Starting from May 11, all the students would gradually go back to school in batches, following the resumption of study for junior and senior high school students in Shenzhen on April 27. In order to welcome the students back, Shenzhen education authorities and schools are actively deploying pandemic prevention and control work to prepare for the orderly opening of the school year.

To solve the problem of pandemic prevention and testing, the primary and middle schools in the Futian district, Shenzhen installed intelligent infrared temperature measuring channels for their students. Also, they implemented double protection on campus, taking body measurements before entering the school and classroom.

As we all know, primary and secondary schools are densely staffed and the task of pandemic prevention and control is difficult.

fuqiang primary school

Shenzhen Fuqiang Primary School is a full-time public school, covering an area of 9,000 square meters and having about 2,000 students. Except for the intelligent infrared temperature measurement channels at the school gate, Shenzhen Fuqiang Primary School has also installed the UTEPO smart doorbell in the classroom entrance, school canteen, gatehouse, and other relatively indoor places to save labor and improve the efficiency of body temperature screening.

body temperature measurement

Combined with the algorithm of advanced infrared temperature measurement and adaptive multi-sensors for cooperative environmental, smart doorbell TS1206 achieves infrared temperature measurement, data display of body temperature, voice alarm, etc. It can read body temp measurement with fast-speed, long-distance, and accurate. And it is applied to the temp measurement scene with fewer people and achieves single screening one by one.

smart doorbell