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UTEPO Secures “China’s Wine City”, Manasi County in Xinjiang Province

Time:2020-06-16 Source:UTEPO

Manasi County, with a long history, is the beautiful scenery and rich resources, honored the reputation of China’s Wine City and China’s Jasper City.

UTEPO, manasi county

At present, the epidemic situation in China has greatly improved, but the prevention and control of the epidemic still cannot be relaxed. The Manasi County Government of Xinjiang has responded positively to instructions on epidemic prevention and control and continues to implement and improve normal epidemic prevention and control measures, improve the outbreak prevention and control facilities in public places, over 100 sets of UTEPO TS1206 smart doorbell and TS3080-AI face recognition access control had been installed and deployed in major public places throughout the county to strengthen the body temperature monitoring to build a "first line of defense" against epidemics.


Starting from April, those smart devices were sent to the county and widely used in local schools, government service halls and office buildings, courts, places of worship, youth activity centers, etc.. Since the test of samples, the long-term well operation of UTEPO devices and professional after sales service left a deep impression. UTEPO had received high praise with a letter of thanks from the user unit. With more and more devices deployed to this county, more than 60 percent of all schools in the area had been equipped.

Compared with the traditional forehead temperature gun, UTEPO products provide non-contact infrared self-help temperature measurements with fast speed, accurate, stable use, and easy installation experience. What’s more, it effectively saves manpower, improves the efficiency of temperature measurement, and reduces the risk of cross-infection.

About more than 60 sets of TS3080-AI facial recognition access controls were used in Manasi County secondary and primary school, mainly installed at the entrances of schools for rapid temperature screening of teachers and students.

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In view of the large traffic of people in and out of the office building and the time-consuming and labor-intensive manual temperature measurement, the Manasi County Youth Activity Center adopted TS3080-AI facial recognition access controls at the entrance to record body temperature and attendance of staffs and citizens.

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The courts and government service halls adopt TS3080-AI at the entrances to conduct non-contact intelligent temperature screening, access control management and visitor management for incoming and outgoing staff and citizens.

UTEPO, face recognition

As the folk culture and Buddhism prevail in Manasi County, to ensure the public security, the government installed 12 sets of TS3080-AI for temperature screening and management for staffs and visitors.

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TS1501 NEW!

● Non-contact temperature measurement Range:35 ℃~43 ℃

Accuracy: ± 0.2 ℃

Distance: 3cm~15cm

● Voice and light alarm for abnormal conditions

● Compact appearance, easy to install

● Built-in battery, up to 50 hours of battery life



● Non-contact temperature measurement

Range: 35℃~42℃ (95℉~107.6℉)

Accuracy: ±0.3℃ (32.54℉)

Distance: 30cm~60cm

● Voice and light alarm for abnormal conditions

● E-Green engine

● Durable industrial grade housing, excellent environmental adaptability

● Easy installation


● Non-contact temperature measurement

Range: 35℃~42℃ (95℉~107.6℉)

Accuracy: ±0.3℃ (32.54℉)

Distance: 30cm~50cm

● No need to remove face mask

● Abnormal conditions monitoring

● Voice alarm for abnormal conditions