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Mini Smart Box Brings A New Era of Temp. Measurement

Time:2020-06-22 Source:UTEPO
With the advanced automatic temperature correction algorithm and the latest AI voice algorithm, the smart doorbell TS1501 can measure the body temperature of the passing personnel in real-time and accurately. There is no need to arrange a special person to be on duty to measure the temperature of the past flow of people. The humanized design has an overtemperature warning prompt, which can prevent personnel from contaction and cross-infection. The product is compact, precise, fast, and easy to install. It is widely used in schools, hotels, public transportation, living communities, shopping malls, office buildings, offices, individual residences, and other occasions with dense traffic.
Key Feature
01 / One second Test Without Waiting
Fast measurement to palm, wrist, or forehead temperature, high passage efficiency, avoid cross-infection caused by crowded.
02 / Accurate Temp. Measurement & Voice Alarm
Use the infrared probe powerful AI voice technology and excellent temp. recognition chip, complete temp. measurement and voice broadcast in 1 second.
03 / Built-in Battery and Energy-saving Display Design
Built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable polymer battery, energy-saving backlight screen.
04 / Compact & User-friendly Design
Compact size and portable, you can install it even without wiring.
Raised front design prevents users from touching the temperature measurement section.
05 / Doorbell and Infrared Thermometer Switchable
You can change the working mode from doorbell to the infrared thermometer through quick pressing power button at three times within 1 second after power on.
Note: How To Ensure The Accuracy
The infrared thermometer is used to test the surface temperature of the human body, with the advantages of fast response time, non-contact, safe use, and long service life. There are three major series of non-contact infrared thermometers, portable, online, and scanning. The wavelength of infrared is between 0.76 ~ 100μm. And according to the range of wavelengths, the thermometer's type can be divided into near-infrared, mid-infrared, far-infrared, extreme far infrared.
Environment Temperature: 15℃-35℃ (Recommended)
Environmental Radiation: You can use the shelter/covering to eliminate the indirect interference of environmental radiation.
Electromagnetic Interference: Please keep the thermometer away from potential sources of electrical interference, such as the electric equipment with large load variations.
Measuring Angle: Please keep the instrument perpendicular to the surface of the measured object to ensure accurate measurement.
Temperature Measurement Distance: Please keep the measured object in the field of measuring view. The smaller the object is, the closer it should be.
Product Parameters
Power Supply
3.7V 2000mA lithium battery
Product Size
120 * 70 * 34mm
Product Weight
Measuring Distance
Measurement Accuracy
35℃-43℃ ± 0.2℃
Measuring Environment
Temperature in
℃ / ℉
Broadcast Language
Chinese / English
Working Time
≥ 50h
Charging Time
≤ 2.5h