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UTEPO Smart Doorbell Applied In Shenzhen Arts School

Time:2020-07-15 Source:UTEPO

As an important place for pandemic prevention and control, it is important to conduct daily temperature monitoring in schools. Following the successful application in Fujian Wuyi College, Shenzhen Fuqiang Primary School, Shenzhen Sports School, Zhonghua University, and Shenzhen Sports School, the UTEPO TS1206 smart doorbell was successfully used in Shenzhen Art School.

shenzhen arts school


Shenzhen Art School, founded in 1986, is the only full-time public art secondary school in Shenzhen, with existing schools in two districts. The two campuses cover an area of 61,474 square meters with a building of 61,673 square meters with 12 specialized teaching departments.

To effectively prevent the COVID-19, many schools in Shenzhen have implemented the double protection, the intelligent infrared temperature measurement channel at the entrance and body temperature measurement equipment in crowded places, such as classrooms, dormitories, libraries, restaurants, etc.


The TS1206 used by the school adopts the industry-leading infrared temperature measurement algorithm, which can achieve rapid infrared temperature measurement with a temperature accuracy of 0.3 ℃, with temperature data display, voice alarm and other functions, it can achieve a single person single temperature rapid screening, to avoid cross infection.

The product is small and portable, easy to install and use, and can be operated smoothly in 2-3 minutes. It is especially suitable for single-channel temperature measurement in schools, offices, convenience stores, etc. It effectively reduces the workload of school teachers.

How UTEPO Solution Works In The Public Health Security?

School Gate:

- Deploy UTEPO thermal imaging thermometer at school gate to realize the fast and accurate measurement, which is avoiding congestion effectively.

Office & Library:

- Deploy the TS3080-AI in office & library. With facial recognition, temperature measurement, and access control management, the system can send the records of staff & visitors to the management platform, including their attendance records, access records, body temperature, etc.

Classroom & Dining Room:

- The students would gather in the closed indoor places during day time, such as in the classroom and dining room. Deploy the TS1206 is helpful to real-time & self-service monitoring to body temperature without any extra labor cost.