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UTEPO PoE Transmission Solution for Aquaculture

Time:2021-03-26 Source:UTEPO

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Aquaculture is also known as fish farming. Fish farmers breed, raise and harvest fish, mollusks, crustaceans, inverts, algae, aquatic plants, and other organisms in controlled environments for human consumption. However, due to the wide distribution of marine aquaculture with a surveillance distance ranging from hundreds of kilometers to few kilometers, management is an important part for the farmers.To improve smooth transmission for data, ensure low maintenance and camera online rate, and improve incident response times, UTEPO provides a reliable and robust long-distance transmission solution with a combination of wired and wireless technology.


● Support PoE for convenient deployment.

● Support wireless transmission with 802.1Q VLAN.

● Proper size for installing in a waterproof box.

● Reliable performance, preventing high cost and low efficiency on long-distance maintenance.

surveillance solution


● Less energy consumption and high-level electricity safe use with intelligent PoE

● Wireless transmission, low interference in 5.8GHz with up to 3km wireless transmission distance

● Support centralized management with abundant L2 management function

● Smart surveillance experience with UTEPO-feature technology (one-key smart, PoE management, etc) and reliable performance

● 24 hour online monitoring with PoE watchdog, changing the traditional passive monitoring and improving online rate of cameras

● Support 6kV surge protection, 8kV ESD protection to keep reliable operation in outdoor conditions

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