UTEPO PoE & Network Transmission Solution for Smart Buildings in Texas, USA  
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UTEPO PoE & Network Transmission Solution for Smart Buildings in Texas, USA

Time:2024-02-19 Source:UTEPO


There are lots of systems and IP devices in the smart building.

● LED lighting system (Indoor & outdoor)

● Networking system (AP, router, PC)

● Security system (access control, IP camera, PTZ camera)

● Sensors (Collect data of environment and occupants)


As the backbone of the smart building, PoE qualifies entire building systems to be smarter, more efficient, agile, and manageable for the occupants. Due to the power requirements of many systems and IP equipment being more than 30W, the IEEE 802.3bt PoE is needed to drive them, which is compatible with all IP equipment up to 60/90W.


● It needs the 802.3bt PoE devices to form the PoE and network systems for the building to improve management efficiency and bring better office experience.

● With smart sensors, it enables personalized management according to different functional areas and saves energy.

● The administrators can learn overall facility energy usage and improve energy utilization and operational efficiency by measuring, monitoring and controlling all nodes of the network.

● It can reduce the total cost of ownership of smart building systems, reduce fire safety hazards, and improve the safety of smart buildings.


● It adopted UTEPO 8-ports full gigabit industrial PoE++ switches, UTP7310S-PSD to provide reliable network and PoE power to end terminals. The switches support 90W max PoE power for a single port, which can meet the power demand of high-power-consuming IP devices in smart buildings.

● It adopted UTEPO L3 managed switch UTP5628TFS-L3(V2) to aggregate the data to the core layer.



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