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UTEPO PoE Transmission Solution for Bus

Time:2021-05-18 Source:UTEPO

UTEPO solution

To facilitate the safe and efficient travel of public bus drivers, it should establish a real-time bus surveillance system, including cameras (inside and outside), alarms, IC/POS for payment, broadcasting, temperature sensors, and other tools to ensure traveler safety and passenger’s experience. With the popularity of IoT technology, Power over Ethernet (PoE) has become a practical technology for providing power and data transmission to multiple devices and is widely used in the vehicle system. The host server monitors all the traffic-related events and shows them directly to the driver. The host and NVR data will use wireless network uplink to the TMC(traffic management center), the central TMC can provide incident management operations and notify drivers of emergency events and traffic conditions in real-time.


● Surveillance inside and outside the bus status and the passenger/driver event.

● Alarm sensor and temperature measurement.

● IC/POS payment

● Location and road traffic information exchange.

● Wireless transmission with TMC.

● Power supply and data connection for multiple devices.


solution for bus


● Real-time status surveillance, video record, and display.

● Exchange the information between TMC and the driver.

● Fast installation and easy maintenance, support wide voltage input range, can supply enough PoE power to PD even in the places where it is hard to get the mains electricity

● Alarm for a special event, host screen was convenient for the driver to make clear comprehensive information.

● Intelligent payment satisfies passengers and improves efficiency.

● High bandwidth and large-capacity cache ensure fast-forwarding of video services.

● High-performance industrial switches with industrial durability (-40℃~75℃ wide temperature range, 6kV surge protection) to withstand severe outdoor conditions of the vehicle.


8 ports industrial switch

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