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UTEPO PoE Transmission Solution for Marine

Time:2021-05-24 Source:UTEPO

The marine industry was developing with the increase of world trade. The increasing cost of fuel, taxes, and labor, results in tighter margins throughout this industry. To counter this issue, shipbuilding companies need the digitalized information on their ship to help reduce costs and improve fuel efficiency. So the smart ships were necessary for this industry. The intelligent Integrated Navigation System (INS) can continuously collect data while the ship is in motion, optimize the shipping route, and also decrease fuel consumption. The solution can collect and analyze data in real-time from hundreds of sensors and ensure accurate data processing in the constantly changing environment onboard.
System Requirements
Collect and process data from over hundred sensors to facilitate safe sailing, ensure the most
appropriate route is taken, and perform predictive maintenance to keep downtime to an absolute
Develop an intelligent INS that can reliably collect wind direction and ocean current data and then
utilize this data to suggest the optimal route.
A secure network to ensure smooth data filtering and transmission when using different subnets.
All devices must withstand weather extremes anywhere in the world to ensure they do not get
disconnected from the INS.
Fast Ring Ethernet network redundancy technologies to achieve high availability
Support multiple independent displays, providing cost savings.
Smart O&M experience with UTEPO featured technologies (one-key smart, PoE watchdog, etc.)
POE makes network implementation efficient and simplified with the sensor and detector
8*GE PoE + 4*GF
IEEE 802.3af/at/ 60W
L2 management
One-key CCTV/RING/LOCK/ PoE Watchdog (ONLINE)
-40℃~+75℃ operating temperature
6kV surge immunity
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